Getting Started With Tea - Deluxe Bundle

Dive into the wonderful world of loose tea! This sampler is ready to get you up and running with a variety of teas from green to Chai to herbal to black as well as one of our ornate metal tins to store them. In addition to these 6 tea selections, you will also receive a steel infuser in your choice of color so you have the means to brew them! 

  1. Snowflake - Cinnamon, coconut and almonds. Our best selling tea!
  2. Acai Tangerine - A white and Pu-erh combination. Standout!
  3. Masala Chai - tantalize your taste buds with a classic Chai blend of Indian and Middle Eastern teas
  4. Blueberry Mountain - relax with this caffeine-free herbal tea containing ginger and blueberries galore
  5. Golden Starfruit - amazing tropical inspired green tea. Great hot or iced!
  6. East Frisian - this standout black tea is our strongest pick me up for the day!

How much tea does one tea sampler package make?

Enjoy 6-12 pots of tea or 18-36 individual cups of tea! Each sampler comes with 6 individual sample packages of loose tea. 1 sample package makes about 3-6 cups or 1-2 medium pots of tea.

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Wonderful Gift Plus Suggestion

Purchased a premium tea package for an anniversary gift. Online the health benefits history / uses of the various samples were explained. The actual gift did not contain same history. The tea was wonderful, however, the gift recipients have no idea what kind of tea (other than the name) nor it's history. Suggestion: included a brief description of each particular blend's uses / history / properties. This is the second Whistling Kettle Order that has been sent as a gift. All gift recipients were well pleased.