Banana Dulce

Flavored Rooibos Blend

It's time to unwind - and the combination of soothing Chamomile with coconut, rooibos, banana along with the lingering aroma of graham crackers will sooth and satisfy you. A dreamy blend that will usher in a great evening ahead.  

About This Tea


Rooibos, Organic Chamomile, Organic Banana Bits, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Coconut Shreds, Organic Lavender, Natural and Artificial Flavors (nature identical)


Ripe banana and fresh graham crackers


Easy Light Orange

Caffeine Level

Caffeine Free

Brewing Guide






2 tsp


7 minutes

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
just okay

I wanted to love this tea but just couldn't. After reading the rave reviews, I was super excited about having a new caffeine-free option in the evenings. However, something about this tea just didnt work for me - think it was the lavender and the chamomile - and I could tell as soon as I opened the bag. It didnt smell like banana much at all, at least like other banana tea blends I have had before (adagio, etc.) but had a vague floral smell that wasn't working for me. Same thing when I brewed it. That being said, I am not a floral tea person, and if you are, this would be worth a shot. It obviously has a fan following and at least was a very smooth cup. For me, however, was glad I only got the sample size. PS: the new pumpkin cheesecake is a fantastic caffeine free option, if you are looking

A tea to savor!

The Banana Dolce is so delicious that it’s as though you’re eating a scrumptious dessert! It’s a tad more money than some of the others but it’s worth every single penny! I rotate my teas daily- Blackberry Sage, Organic Strawberry Orange, Strawberry Kiwi, Angel’s Dream but every other day I have to sneak the Banana Dolce into my lineup as it’s so good!

Best Tea Ever

I just ordered this tea in the large size for the third time. It is definitely my favorite. I like to add some honey to it. Haven't found any other teas that I like as much as this one. I highly recommend trying it. You will love it.

Best Tea I Ever Had!

I received a gift card for this shop because I am originally from Ballston Spa New York. I ordered the Banana Dulce as well as a few other teas. I already have used the 4 oz size of this tea and just ordered more. If you aren't sure about what to order you can't go wrong with this tea! After many years, I find myself to be a "tea lover" and certainly will order more in the future. I like to add honey to it. It is DELICIOUS!

Warm and comforting

This is one amazing tea! I can't believe how it tastes like warm banana bread! It's soothing and smells so delicious as its steeping. I will definitely be reordering a large size because this sample won't last long! This is just too delicious and decadent! Perfect for when I crave a dessert. I had heard people say teas help their sweet cravings and this tea shows me why!