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Tea of the Month Club FAQ

How much does a tea subscription cost?

Club prices vary between $20 - $30 per month. All prices include shipping. There are two club tiers for 3 out of the 4 clubs - Sampler and Deluxe. Our Tea of the Month Club tea subscriptions are charged and renewed on a month-to-month basis every 1st week of each month.

When do the subscriptions go out?

We ship all new orders on a weekly cycle every Friday and Monday. The exception here is for orders placed after the 25th of each the month, which will be held to ship in the 1st cycle of the following month. Then, every month afterwards, you can expect your box to ship on the first week of each month and arrive within 1-10 business days.


Please note that if you place your order towards the end of the month, you will receive your 2nd shipment in your subscription within 1-2 weeks later. If you would like to push back the 2nd shipment, you need to contact our customer service department immediately (before the 1st of the following month) in order for us to delay the 2nd shipment.

Is it loose tea or bagged tea?

We pride ourselves in carrying only premium loose tea. We include (10) loose tea bags with every 1st shipment.

How many and how much tea comes in a subscription?

Subscriptions will include 5 types of tea each month. Sampler editions provide around 1 cup of tea per day of tea. Deluxe editions vary in serving (3-5 cups per day or more depending on the tea). Each club will specify the varieties of teas you will receive. All Deluxe subscriptions come with (1) 4oz loose leaf tea bag.

Do I need anything special to brew the tea?

The first shipment will include a start set of (10) all natural tea bags, but we also sell infusers, teapots and more so that your tea subscription can be enjoyed right away! Click here to shop our Teaware!

What if I want to switch clubs?

You can only switch between same priced clubs if you want to try something new. All you need to do is create an account to view and manage your clubs.

Will teas repeat?

All clubs are guaranteed repeat free for every 6-month cycle. Each club schedule is newly curated every year.* If you decide to renew, there are chances that you will get repeats of some of the teas (but not the same curated subscription in full).

The Adventure Club is the only club we have that is repeat free for all 12-months in 2023.

Can I change or skip a month in my subscription?

Please contact customer service IMMEDIATELY AFTER you place your order. NEW subscriptions go out on a weekly cycle every Friday or Monday.* Reoccurring subscriptions (2nd-6th shipments) go out on the 1st of every month.


To skip a month in your active subscription, you must contact us prior to being billed (before the 1st of the month). We will skip the billing and subscription date to the 1st of the following month.

Can I cancel or pause?

We are very sure you will enjoy our subscription as we offer over 100 types of tea in our catalog. If you are not delighted, please contact customer service to cancel your subscription or use the management tool in your account to pause or cancel.

Do term subscriptions auto-renew?

By default - NO. Only if you choose the renew option.

Can I use a coupon code towards a subscription?

General store coupons will not work with subscriptions, since the clubs already have a built in discount.

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