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16oz Double Wall Glass Tea Tumblers With Sleeve

Our newest double walled tumblers in unique, eye catching designs. An insulated sleeve(option) is included to protect your purchase and insulate during travel.

Each tumbler includes a dual style filter - uses the basket and discard the leaves OR keep the leaves in the main chamber and use the screen only.

IMPORTANT CARE INFORMATION: Please make sure you read important usage information. 

Important use and care instructions for glass tumblers

Glass is fragile, and must be treated as such. To get the most use of your glass tea tumbler, follow the following guidelines

  • If you are bringing it outside or want more heat retention, use an insulated jacket for your tumbler. It will give you an extra layer of protection and additional heating time.
  • Be careful handling the tumbler. Tipping the tumbler over will almost certainly break the inner chamber
  • Do not slam or use any force when placing the tumbler on a hard surface.
  • Avoid drastic temperature changes. While the tumbler can handle room temperate to boiling water, it may break if the glass is chilled and then exposed to hot water.
  • Do not drop ice cubes into the bottom of the tumbler
  • If you are using sweetner, place some at the bottom of the tumbler and add a little hot liquid to swirl it to dissolve. We do not recommend using metal spoons or stirrers to avoid potential damage.
  • Hand washing recommended


Use about 1 tablespoon of tea. Tempered glass can withstand boiling water.

Checkout our blog for a Glass Tumbler Usage Guide!

Hand wash recommended. Do not drop ice cubes into the tumbler. Do not freeze even if empty. Avoid drastic temperature changes - i.e. filling cold tumbler with hot water. Tipping over or dropping will result in glass shattering.

Material: Glass, metal and wood

Dimensions: 9 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide/diameter

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Buckley Kandy
Love this item

Makes the perfect cup on the go. Fair warning! They don’t lie about it breaking if it tips over. I am on tumbler number three! It’s that good that I keep buying them. I have the stainless steel one too. It not the same. I love this one best.

Gail Balch

I love this tumbler! It’s beautiful and so portable. The sleeve keeps the tea for a fair amount of time at temperature. Makes a great gift!