The Steepster - Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

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Made of 100% stainless steel with a sustainably sourced bamboo lid, this infuser basket fit in most cups, mugs and pots. Large basket size ensures that your tea has plenty of room to expand releasing the most flavor and health benefits. Laser etched steel ensures smaller particles do get into your cup. Use the lid as a drip tray. Dishwasher safe.

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Mary Jo
The Steepster

Fits my 20 year teapot perfectly. I really like being able to make 2+ cups at one time and use it everyday. The Steepster holds enough tea for a large pot or a single cup.

Liz S.
My Tea Infuser

I absolutely love my tea infuser. I use it every day. I'm happy I made the right choice.

Works wonderfully

These are excellent quality. The super fine mesh means almost no particulate through. They fit into almost any mug, though they are a bit tall for my one cup tea cups. I bought one and instantly bought another to give away!

Jennifer VanCleve
This one is a winner!!

This little strainer is a life saver. I own a few (ok...many) tea pots and most of them are without strainers. That was never a problem until I stumbled across Whistling Kettle. Now all my tea is loose tea! This strainer fits in my tea kettles, my cups, and my to-go mugs. It seems to fit in everything I use to take along a good cup of tea. Now my Whistling Kettle tea has a nice place to stay as I steep and drink my wonderful loose tea.

Mackenzie King
Best Tea Strainer

This is my favorite tea strainer of all time. I use it every day. I finally bought two in case one was dirty but then my husband switched from coffee to tea and started using the second one. So, we just bought a third one. So much better than the metal ones that float or hang my chains. It's easy to use and leads to a better brew.