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Slim and Trim Tea Bundle

Our Tea Expert chose our #1 teas for maintaining that waistline and bundled them together for your convenience! Pair this bundle with an exercise routine and a healthy diet and enjoy the results! You will receive 6 samples of loose leaf tea. 

This bundle includes: 

TruGrit: A combination of Yerba Mate, Purple and Pu-erh tea to provide focus and energy without the caffeine crash of coffee. 

Lemon Ginger: A great tasting, simple blend that focuses on fitness and energy. Delicious light flavor. 

Chamomile Bilberry Bliss: Chamomile soothes and aids in digestion. That's good, especially before bed - but why stop at good?  We throw in bilberries to help balance blood sugar and reduce midnight cravings and a touch of lavender to reduce anxiety and relax you. 

Cleanse: Cleansing your body doesn’t have to include strong herbs that cause stomach discomfort. We designed this blend to provide gentle yet effective herbs for removing bacteria, parasites, toxic chemical and digestive wastes from the body.  After drinking this tea, users may notice mild digestive effects and overall improved elimination. 

Detox: This herbal blend has been reformulated using ancient Ayurveda and Native American herbology to that help stimulate the digestive system and liver. Great tasting and naturally caffeine free. 

Moroccan Mint: Chock full of calming, anti-inflammatory ingredients. Blueberry and ginger give it a sweet and spicy kick. Sip it hot or iced throughout your day.

**Note: Tea selection subject to availability. Substitutions may be made.**


Customer Reviews

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Mary Dugan
Nice variety

Great variety. I especially love that cardamom ginger energizer. Each sampler can make quite a bit of tea. I will purchase this again.