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Purple Tea Sampler

Explore the world of Purple Teas with this tea sampler bundle, complete with 6 different Purple loose leaf teas. This tea sampler includes: 

  1. Purple Whole Leaf: Sweet and slightly woodsy tea.
  2. Purple Rain: A bright flavored tea infused with a tropical infusion of juicy passion fruit sweet lemongrass crisp apple and a hint of hibiscus.
  3. Purple Mint: Invigorating mint leaves are beautifully balanced with delicate rose petals and smooth purple tea
  4. Purple Jasmine: An enchanting fragrance of real jasmine blossoms that is bright, light and refreshing.
  5. Sharp Mind: This powerhouse blend of Pu-erh and Purple tea is more than just effective, it's bursting with flavor too. Sweet berries, banana chips, pomegranate, and mango make Sharp Mind Tea a lively infusion.
  6. Trugrit Energy:  Cinnamon, ginger, cacao and chili flakes give Trugrit Energy Tea a flavor reminiscent of spicy hot chocolate.


Customer Reviews

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Purple tea - who knew!

This is a delightful sampler of a tea new to me. A great way to find new favorites in the several flavorings in the sampler - or if something doesn't float your boat, an inexpensive way to find out.