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High Energy Tea Sampler

Looking for teas that provide you with both energy and focus. We've picked six teas to get you started!

  • Happy - Blended with the caffeinated herb Guayusa - this will provide you with plenty of positive uplift.
  • Irish Breakfast - This traditional tea is cut CTC style - ensuring that you get maximum caffeine and a strong, potent punch
  • German Breakfast - Made with top quality Assam, this is a great choice to help get your day kick started.
  • Pinhead gunpowder - While it doesn't have a lot of caffeine compared to black tea, the potent anti-oxidants in green tea will provide stimulation. 
  • Trugrit - A hybrid blend of Yerba Mate and other teas designed to provide long lasting energy
  • Sharpmind - A cousin of Trugrit, a blend of caffeine and energy with a fruity finish. 

**Note: Tea selection subject to availability. Substitutions may be made.**


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stephanie Beliveau

very good

Ingrid Gander

Great tea! I love all the flavors I ordered!

Jordan Marks

I was so excited to receive my energy sample pack only to learn I couldn’t actually try 3 of the 6 teas due to my strawberry allergy. Typically I would check before ordering, however the included samples are not listed anywhere on the site. The black teas are great; I’m just super disappointed that I can’t actually drink any of the herbal assortments.