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Cotton Candy

Fruit Tisane

This tea is so fun! This blend of fruit and, yes, marshmallows come together to give you a cotton candy treat. Pineapple, apple, dragonfruit, and raspberries are just the trick to bring you back to the fair. It’s not too sweet or overpowering, making this a tempting tisane for all. The raspberry aroma is so inviting, don’t miss out on this seasonal. Try iced with simple syrup.


About This Tea


Pineapple Cubes, Apple Pieces, Lilac Dragonfruit Cubes, Marshmallows (Contains Gelatin), Freeze-Dried Raspberry Pieces, Natural Flavors


Fruit forward with a lingering sweet finish.


Bright pink

Caffeine Level

Naturally Caffeine Free

Brewing Guide








5-7 min

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Lorena Miller
Such a great tasting tea for all year round

I LOVE this cotton candy tea. It is caffeine free which is important for me. The flavor is great both hot and iced, and the marshmallow adds that unexpected touch. Both pleasing and flavorful, this tea is going to be staying on my rotation.

Debbie Vingom
Cotton Candy tea

This is so above and beyond delicious!!!! Have never tasted anything so good.

Josh Ney
Drinking dessert

My wife loves this tea, it is amazing how they are able to get this tea to taste like childhood in a cup

Sweet and refreshing

I first had the cotton candy ice tea at The Whistling Kettle on Jay Street in Schenectady, NY. I liked it but found the flavor too thin. When I returned home I ordered some and began to experiment with getting the flavor to my liking. The recipe that I like is 8 tablespoons of tea to 64 oz of water. I drink it full strength over ice. This combination provides a richer flavor but the sweetness is more noticeable than the tea I had at WK. I confess that I eat all the marshmallows prior to preparation. I go through this tea very quickly and it makes it more expensive but still worth it.

Jennifer VanCleve
Best taste of childhood I'll ever try.

This tea is like a walk into my childhood. It is light and naturally sweet, but not oversweet. After trying my $3 sample, I quickly bought a 4oz bag. That is now gone and I am buying some more. I am not a sweet tea drinker, my tea of choice is Whistling Kettles Scottish Breakfast (Excellent tea), but this is my new night time treat. It is wonderful as I relax and end my day. Please try, you won't regret it!