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Hibiscus - Bold Leaf

Herbal Tea

Welcome to a bigger, bolder version of our Hibiscus Tea. After searching high and low for a premium bold leaf hibiscus, we finally found one that suits our taste. These bold leaves make for a lighter hibiscus flavor that is perfect chilled with or without a little of your favorite sweetener. Hibiscus is touted as one of the healthiest herbal teas available. 

This tea is only available for a limited time this Summer of 2020 - Get some while it lasts. 



About This Tea


100% "Bold Leaf" Hibiscus




Light Ruby Red

Caffeine Level

Caffeine free

Country of Origin


Brewing Guide

This tea can be iced. Learn how via our brewing guide.






1-2 tsp


5-7 mins

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Seriously, do yourself a favor, and try it out!

I've tried hibiscus teas before, and while I like them well enough, I wouldn't say I'm wild for it. My main reason for trying it was that my order was just a few dollars shy of qualifying for free shipping, but let me tell you - half way through my first cup, it had already earned a top-five spot among my favorite teas EVER!! I've hardly put a dent in the bag, and I'm already back to order more! The flavor is fruity, and beautifully tart, with notes of cranberry and ripe raspberries, with just a hint of sweetness, but none of the artificial aftertaste that fruity teas sometimes have. It's delicious both hot, or over ice, and is even a nice addition to other fruit flavored loose leaf blends - not to mention the color, which is utterly to die for! I really can't recommend this tea highly enough, and will be completely heartbroken if WK discontinues it!


Love all the teas, Hibiscus is my new favorite

Wonderful full Hibiscus profile!

Creates a delicious tisane alone (iced or hot) or added to my favorite teas. It is so hard to find quality hibiscus, and to find whole leaves is amazing. These are fresh and wonderful for summer or anytime you want a refreshing drink with no added sugar. Great for adults or kids.

THE best base tea for all my favorite summer hot and iced tea drinking!

Oh my goodness, where do I start? Hibiscus to me is the epitome of fruity tea flavor both iced and hot. This versatile tea has a delicious and slightly tart fruity flavor and health benefits, which is why I bought it. I use hibiscus for the base of my homemade iced teas, and I can add anything I want to it to make the best tasting combinations of iced tea that I can drink all day long. And of course when the weather gets cold, it will be a good hot tea base too. I purchase an organic ginger/honey/lemon elixir from another local vendor, and let me tell you the combination with the Whistling Kettle teas are phenomenal !! I recently purchased the WK iced tea maker and it was worth it too. I am so happy to have gotten this hibiscus tea during a promo sale and I stocked up! Thank you WK for making my summer more bearable!