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Sencha Supreme Shizuoka

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One of the finest grades of green tea, this sencha is grown in the Shizuoka region of Japan. It is made from the dark green leaves gathered in the treasured first flush harvest of early spring. Sencha Supreme Shizuoka brews a bright green cup with pronounced grassy notes and plenty of 'umami' flavor. The infusion has a fresh, vegetal finish that leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

Serving Sizes:Ā 

  • SampleĀ (4-6 servings)
  • 4ozĀ (48 servings)
  • 8ozĀ (96 servings)
  • 16ozĀ (192 servings)
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Brewing Guide


8 oz


165Ā° F

Serving Size

1 tsp


2 mins

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Classic Sencha

This is a nice rich green sencha with great depth of flavor. Earthy and smooth.

Very Enjoyable Sencha Green Tea

I thoroughtly enjoy drinking green teas, and Sencha Supreme Shizuoka is one of the nicest. It is light, smooth, and truly delightful to drink. Three minutes of steeping and you have a wonderful, calming beverage. This does not have the unpleasant "bite" that some green teas can have. I also find that it is great for aiding digestion and giving you a healthy feeling all over.

Ron Tremblay
Loose leaf tea is a new venture for me

Iā€™m enjoying the tea I ordered very much.Although I donā€™t have experienced taste buds for tea Iā€™ve concluded these are quality leaves.Drinking tea is relaxing and Iā€™m optimistic there are health benefits also. Thanks!

C. Echewa
The Ultimate Sencha

Love sencha tea, so I tried the Sencha Supreme sample, and it knocked my socks off! It's truly sencha times three. Very vegetal and grassy, it's brisk and well-flavored brew that I could drink all day. It will get a little bitter if steeped too long, so I'd recommend two minutes instead of three, but wow! If you love sencha, but find it too mind, this is the tea for you.

Lawrence Silverman
Sencha Supreme

Sencha teas aren't for everyone. They are very grassy tasting (to me), but if you like them then this is the one to purchase. It's solid and crazy healthy.