Using tea for weight loss

If your health goal is weight loss, then you already know that tea is a great way to help meet your weight loss goals. It's important to know that tea by itself will not automatically make you lose weight. Some teas may be marketed to reduce bloating and flatten your tummy, but a lot of this is a combination of diuretics and laxatives, which only make you lose water that can be easily re-gained. And let's face it, many of them are marketing companies that sell you overpriced tea.

What are the steps you need to take to lose weight with tea?

Pair tea with proper diet

It's important that you choose a diet that will best work for your particular circumstance and body type. One way to look at the effectiveness of the best diets is to examine various diet rankings.


Pair tea with exercise

Teas metabolism boosting properties are enhanced during exercise. Even basic walking is better than nothing. There are many exercise apps that allow you to develop programs and track progress right on your phone or watch. We are big fans of the smart fitness bikes. Many of these have multi-week programs with trainers that allow you to boost your fitness and have fun at the same time.

What teas should you get for weight loss?

Assuming you have the above steps (diet and exercise) ready to roll, it's on to the teas! We'll talk about a lot of different teas here, and it doesn't mean that you have to drink all of them every day. We found that 3-5 cups a day are the ideal sweet spot.

Morning Metabolism Boost

Black tea is often a great morning booster, and the caffeine content will get you going. Besides a cup of black tea, there are other teas you can drink in the morning - one of them is our proprietary blend called Trugrit. The key is to avoid cream and a lot of added sugar.

Afternoon Metabolism Boosters

Green tea is one obvious choice, with a multitude of studies supporting green tea and it's ability to boost metabolism and burn calories. White tea is also a great choice. These teas do contain small amounts of caffeine, and can help you overcome any mid afternoon 'slowdown'. Unlike coffee, there is no caffeine crash.

Lemon Ginger Cooler

One idea is our special blend called Lemon Ginger Cooler. This tea contains both metabolism boosting white tea which blocks fat formation, and Pu-erh tea which helps shrink fat cells and makes the body more efficient at digesting a meal. Added to this are generous amounts of ginger and lemon. It's great hot or iced and good way to quench thirst.

Cleanse and Detox Teas

If you are just starting out, using a cleanse and detox tea may be considered. These two teas are designed to work with your chosen diet. It's important to understand that cleanse and detox are two different things. During a cleanse, you are eliminating junk food and replacing it with nutrient and fiber rich food. This gets your circulation and digestive systems running at optimal levels. Your GI tract will be more efficient at eliminating waste and bloat. A cleanse tea is meant to complement your cleanse diet. Many cleanse teas, include include herbs like senna, which is classified as a mild laxative. A cleanse tea should be used during the initial phases of your cleanse diet, and then phased out after 30-60 days.

The detox blend should be paired with a restrictive diet or a fast. This tea is designed to stimulate the liver and kidneys, helping your body become more efficient at removing toxins and heavy metals. Like cleanse, it should be paired with a particular phase of your diet and then withdrawn once the restrictive part of your diet or fast is over.

Evening and night time teas

There are numerous herbal teas you can take that will provide many benefits. There are almost no bad choices, and nearly all herbal teas DO NOT contain any caffeine. Many of them are chock full of ingredients with anti-inflammatory compounds. We are a big fan of various chamomile blends

Purchasing teas for weight loss

The best way to try out these teas is to get samples of them. Luckily, we've created a sampler pack designed with this in mind. If you wan't an additional discount, please sign up to receive your discount code. Other ideas are listed below.