Best teas for energy

Tea is an excellent beverage if you are looking to increase your energy levels, boost your mood and get focused.

All tea contains caffeine. Black tea usually contains the most caffeine, followed by Oolong and finally Green/White/Purple. An average cup of coffee contains around 90mg-120mg of caffeine. Black tea around 45mg, while green/oolong/white/purple can range from 10-30mg.

Unlike coffee, tea contains L-theanine, and it smooths out the caffeine curve so you don't crash when the caffeine finally wears off. The anti-oxidants in tea also boost metabolism.

The general daily recommended limit for caffeine is 400 milligrams. Therefore you can drink much more tea than coffee throughout the day before hitting the caffeine danger zone.

Herbs for energy

There are also herbs that contain caffeine. Two of these are Yerba Mate and Guayusa which have 85 and 65mg of caffeine respectively. They can be consumed individually, or blended with other teas.

Yerbe Mata or Guyausa - Both these herbs have caffeine content, equivalent to many coffees.

There are non-caffeinated herbs that can also boost energy:

Ginger - increase blood circulation

Licorice - blocks the breakdown of cortisal, which is a stress buffer. Fatigue is often the result of low cortisol.

Eleuthro - An energy boosting adaptogen herb

Turmeric - can boost your dopamine, neorepineprhine and serotonitin levels giving your mood a boost.

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