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Blood Pressure

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What kind of tea is best for high blood pressure?

If you have high blood pressure, chances are you will want to try natural methods before relying on prescription medication. The good news is the tea can be the perfect partner to reduce blood pressure when combined with proper diet and physical activity.

Our top pick for lowering blood pressure : Hibiscus Tea

Tea from the hibiscus flower is said to have many health benefits. The naturally caffeine free rose-colored tea is our #1 recommend tea for high blood pressure. Hibiscus also has mild blood vessel-dilating effects. It is also rich in antioxidants. You don't need to drink PURE hibiscus though, there are many delightful teas that contain decent amount of hibiscus. We'll recommend some of these below.

Other kinds of tea that support lower blood pressure

Chamomile Tea

It has been used for generations for it's calming and sedative properties. It is an ideal solution for hypertension, as it can help relax the blood vessels and arteries. This vasodilating effects makes it a great natural remedy for high blood pressure.

Green Tea

Green tea helps dilate heart arteries by allowing the vessels to relax and allow blood to flow more freely. The flavonoids in green tea help prevent inflammation of the heart tissue. These substances may also help prevent the formation of clots. It doesn't matter if it's iced or hot. Sip on green tea throughout the day to enjoy these benefits.


Drinking rooibos can impart heart-healthy benefits. Chrysoeriol, an antioxidant in rooibos tea has been shown to reduce narrowing and hardening of the arteries by inhibiting the migration of smooth muscle cells inside the aorta. Rooibos tea also helps by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme responsible for cardiovascular disease.

Pu-erh Tea

While there aren't a lot of scientific studies, Pu-erh tea has been used for centuries in China for the promotion of weight loss, reducing of cholesterol and cardiovascular protection. We know that tea in general is protective against heart disease and cancer, so it's likely Pu-erh tea has similar effects. It's a good tea if you are switching from coffee, as it has a bold, powerful flavor but doesn't raise your blood pressure.

How to get started?

Ok, now that you know of some teas - what next? How much should you drink? Tea is an ideal water substitute, so if you have your morning tea, and then sip all day long, you will enjoy the health benefits. While many studies of tea have been conducted, we found that 4-6 cups per day is a sweet spot to get the benefits.

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