Weights loss tea recommendations.

Tea is perhaps the best tool to use with any weight loss regimen. Because tea contains many benefits that water alone does not, it is a great way to get your daily liquid requirements, and certainly a much better option that soft drinks (be it normal or diet). Tea and herbs help reduce inflammation and supports the body in numerous ways, resulting in higher metabolism, improved immune function and an overall better feeling.

Our Tea Experts chose the best teas for weight loss and bundled them together in one sampler collection Pair this Weight Loss tea bundle with an exercise routine and a healthy diet and enjoy the results!

TruGrit - This is a combination of Yerba Mate, Purple and Pu-erh Tea to provide focus and energy without a caffeine crash. This actually was an offshoot of Tim Ferriss' Titanium tea recipe. We took the core ingredients and supercharged them with additional ingredients that will help stimulate the digestive system. This includes cinnamon, cacao nibs, cocoa powder, ginger, turmeric, chili flakes and honey bush.

Lemon Ginger - This came from the Lemon Ginger Cooler recipe from Dr. Oz. It includes White Tea because of it's fat blocking capabilities, and it's metabolism boosting properties thanks to the copious amounts of anti-oxidants. and Pu-erh, a type of fermented tea which aids in digestion and helps block fat absorption. Lemon helps lower PH while ginger helps stimulate the digestive system. Great as an iced beverage that you can drink throughout the day to help with weight loss.

Chamomile Bilberry Bliss: Chamomile soothes and aids in digestion. That's good, especially before bed - but why stop at good? We throw in bilberries to help balance blood sugar and reduce midnight cravings and a touch of lavender to reduce anxiety and get a better sleep. Rest and sleep are always important part of staying healthy and losing weight.

Cleanse: Cleansing is very important in weight loss because you are eliminating junk food or "empty calories" in exchange for wholesome, nutrient and fiber rich foods. This will stimulate the digestive system and help get rid of all the junk accumulating in the digestive system and in the process help reduce weight. The key ingredients here are Senna (used by traditional medical practitioners to help with digestive issues). Hibiscus helps lower blood pressure and Rosehip adds vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

Detox: One important part of weight loss is going through as detox process. Unlike cleanse, you are looking at getting rid of waste accumulating in the blood and removing it via the kidney and liver. The diet at this point is more restrictive than a cleanse. This herbal blend has several key ingredients like Ginger (for bloating), Licorice (indigestion), Tulsi (helps flush out waste), Dandelion root (blood sugar control) & Burdock root (to help remove toxins) all of which help your liver and kidneys function for effectively.

Moroccan Mint: Green tea is an ideal beverage for boosting metabolism, thanks to the EGCG contained, it goes through the blood brain barrier and stimulates the metabolism, helping to burn fat.