Buying a Hot Tea of the Month Club Subscription Box

If you are new to the world of loose tea, or are looking for a unique gift for a tea lover, then purchasing a subscription box is an excellent choice. We've been curating boxes for over ten years and make it very easy! Everything you need to get started is included. No additional costs or shipping. Never worry about credit cards expiring - one easy payment covers it all!

TeaClub Membership has its privileges

Purchasing a Whistling Kettle Tea box subscription is not just tea - it's a membership. The first box includes complementary starter set of all natural loose tea bags. Membership activation will also automatically send a special promotion good for 20% off our entire line of tea ware.

What tea of the month subscription box is best?

Each month’s tea box is designed to provide popular, highly rated tea. Choose from four different styles:

For maximum variety, the adventure edition is the most popular and varied. We have hundreds of different teas we use to design monthly shipments. From rare and premium gems to popular seasonal favorites, we include all the top rated teas in each category.

Keep Calm Edition

This version focuses only on teas that are Decaf or Naturally caffeine free. If you have caffeine sensitivity or drink tea mostly before bed, this is the tea box for you!

The Purist Edition

This very similar to the adventure edition, but we filter out all teas that contain added flavors. This box includes only pure leaf tea.

Black Box Edition

Black tea is the most popular tea category in North America, so this box will focus only on the black tea variety.

Premium Packaging

We think great tea deserves great packaging! Each new tea subscription box is shipped with premium attractive packaging. We always want delivery day to be a special day!

Perfect Tea Portion Boxes with our EZ-Swap system

Enough tea is included in each box so that you can have at least 2 cups a day. If you want to try a different box, no problem. You can control your subscription easily on the website account section and switch to another box. If you received your box as a gift, reach out to customer service and we'll be happy to modify your subscription.

Customer Support

We hand pack and stand behind our boxes. Live chat with our tea experts is available M-F and we usually respond to inquiries within 24 hours.