Scones - A Whistling Kettle tradition now delivered to your door.

Back in 2004, we started our first tea lounge and cafe. We were practically 'kids' at the time, with zero restaurant experience (unless you count serving for a few summers). We were fast approaching our opening day and had all the major details ironed out, and the last thing to put together was our scones. It is a tea-themed restaurant, so scones are a must! So ensued our unexpected adventure that is now years in the making….

Scones On demand….

We had our hands full when we first opened. We needed a good product that was tried and tested and would not consume all of our time (or resources) in the test kitchen. So, we went around to local bakeries and, after several disappointing scones, finally found one that lived up to our standards. We launched and everything went first.

Everything seemed to be humming along nicely for the first few weeks. As time went on, we noticed that we often ran into issues scheduling regular deliveries. Then, as we started to develop our menu, we wanted more of a variety of scones, while this bakery only carried one. They had an amazing scone, but we needed more than a one-hit wonder to keep up with our customers' ever changing tastes.

Scones prepped to bake!

We found another bakery that could provide us with a few more varieties as a pre-made, refrigerated batter that would allow us to bake them as needed. From the start we knew this was only a temporary solution. We ultimately wanted even more variety, and by then we were selling more scones, which required more cooler space! We were having growing pains, and we needed yet another solution.

Just add water, they said…

We found an all-natural scone mix that was available in large quantities. It was easy to make (just add water/milk and ingredients like cranberries, nuts, chocolate chips, etc.). However, we had to special order this mix, which was expensive to ship. We started selling so many scones that we had to order over 500 lbs of mix at a time. Because we ordered so much, it often broke the supplier’s system because it couldn't calculate shipping! And one year this broke at the worst time - Mother’s Day! At this point, we hit a wall. We couldn't let that happen again, so we went back to the drawing board…

Sometimes, all you need is a little elbow grease!

We rolled up our sleeves and set some clear objectives:

  • No more special orders - just the raw ingredients like whole wheat flour, sugar, buttermilk, baking powder, etc.
  • Just add water or milk
  • Compatible with almost any ingredient

We decided the only way we could truly meet these objectives was to do it ourselves! After several days of baking in our test kitchen, we did it. We made a recipe that met ALL our requirements!

Hard times always lead to something great…

While our recipe has worked great for us for many years, the pandemic gave us the opportunity to further explore the world of scones. With our restaurants limited to take-out only, and the devastating drop in customers, we needed to think outside of the box a little. So, we tweaked the base recipe even further to make an even better, longer-lasting consistency. (And while we were at it, played around with new scone recipes). Not only are these new scone recipes available in our restaurants, but you can order the mix to bake at home yourself or, even better:


That is right - you can get any of our delicious flavors baked to order FRESH and shipped right to your door. We bake them and seal each one individually for long-lasting freshness (stays fresh at least 10 days). So, it you are in the mood for scones and don't have all the ingredients handy, or are looking for a great gift - we invite you to order our authentic Whistling Kettle scones.