Purple Tea Benefits

Most of us are familiar with black tea, green tea and perhaps oolong tea. Aside from slight differences, they are pretty much all from the same plant, but processed differently. One of the more recent varietals within this family is purple tea. While technically from the same tea plant, this was cultivated from a wild occurring variety that had the "purple" mutation.

Purple tea benefits - What makes the tea purple?

We all know about some familiar crops such as blueberries, red cabbage, egg plants & purple grapes. The reason for this color is the presence of anti-oxidants known as anthocyanins. Purple foods have been shown to support cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, improve brain function and even reverse the effects of UV damage.

Other purple tea benefits

Modern purple tea is harvested from the Nandi Hills region in Kenya, where it thrives at high elevations (also known as pest free zones) and exposure to nearly 12 hours of sun a day. This UV exposure also promotes high EGCG content, the same type of powerful anti-oxidant found in green tea.

Along with EGCG, it contains l-theanine, the amino acid only found in tea which helps to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. It promotes calm awareness, which is the best of both worlds!

Purple Tea Flavor

Purple tea has a clean light body similar to green tea, but without the grassy undertones. It has a flavor not too different from an oolong tea, with some light floral notes. Because of this, it is ideal for blending with other teas and allows you to enjoy the purple tea benefits, plus the additional benefits provided by the other teas and ingredients.

Caffeine in purple tea

Because purple tea is brewed at slightly lower temperatures (below boiling), and it's not fully oxidized, the caffeine content is low, equivalent to most green teas. Because of the anti-oxidants however, it still goes through the blood brain barrier and helps provide you with stimulation, but not by assaulting you with very high caffeine levels.

Purple tea blends - Tim Ferris titanium tea reimagined

The author and podcaster Tim Ferris came up with his own tea recipe years ago which included a combination of green tea and pu-erh tea also known as titanium tea. We took this recipe and enhanced it - instead of green tea we use purple tea, and we also add a little yerba mate to increase the caffeine content.

If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of purple tea and give you a morning or afternoon boost, we highly recommend our purple tea blends - Sharp Mind and Tru Grit.