Explore the benefits of Matcha.

It seems like Matcha gets all the credit for health and wellness in the green tea family, but the praise is well deserved. Once coveted as the ultimate form of tea, served only during ceremonies and to royalty, it has now hit mainstream and we may have made incorporating matcha into your every day, easier than ever before. Before we get into that – we should probably go over some of the highlights that made Matcha the famous green powder that we know and love.

Matcha Benefits #1 - Matcha on the mind

The most popular morning beverages contain caffeine and any long-time coffee drinker can attest to the eventual jitters that become a part of our daily lives after the first 5 or 7… or 10 cups of joe. Unlike coffee or energy drinks though, matcha skips the jitters and provides a long lasting, even tempered boost in energy. It does this with this other handy little amino acid called L-Theanine that is plentiful in green teas. It helps promote increased brain function while reducing anxiety and stress – without the typical drowsiness that comes along with anything else that may have calming effects. That makes matcha the perfect partner for someone with a desk job, or more obviously, a student! (Or… really anyone)

Matcha Benefits #2 - Boost your breakfast

One of the things we love about Matcha is just how versatile it can be. From cakes, to cookies, to lattes, to the traditional tea – you can find matcha in just about any form, which is why we have been experimenting with different breakfast foods. The morning is often a race against the clock – brew the coffee, dress the kids (or just yourself), exercise (if you’re one of the ambitious types), make breakfast and shower – all in the 30 minutes allotted after that snooze bar has been well abused. One way to make the most of your morning is to add matcha directly into your breakfast! Yogurt? Yes. Oatmeal? Yes. Overnight oats? Yes. Crepes? Absolutely. Peanut butter anything? Say no more!

Matcha Benefits #3 - On-The-Go

Whether you need a pick-me-up morning, noon, evening, before workouts, you’ll find that matcha benefits you at almost any time of day. Our premeasured single-serve sachets make it easy to unwind or boost your day. Just add one sachet of your favorite matcha to a bit of hot water, mix, and add your choice of milk and sweetener! With matcha benefits such as: mental clarity, metabolism boost, immune support, and focused energy- you can’t go wrong with this on-the-go, quick and simple, frothy green beverage that is destined to become a staple in your daily routine.