Summer is here!

While the summer is great - the warm weather, blue skies, and days at the beach don’t mean much of anything without the classic barbecue (or BBQ if you prefer) with family and friends. If you think about it, no American summer is complete without the smells and sounds of grilling meat coupled with the sweet taste of apple pie and the crunch of our favorite chips.

And let’s not forget what most people consider the absolute best part of any cookout… standing there as you smell the burgers, steaks, chicken, and dogs grilling with an ice-cold glass of a frothy beverage in your hand. This drink is, of course, specially designed and brewed just for you and your taste buds. How can you BBQ without your glass of…

Kettle Iced Black Tea

This Kettle Iced Tea is inspired by a Southern Sweet tea recipe straight out of Texas. It's a well-balanced, full flavored black tea blend with that bold black tea flavor, enough to withstand the sweetness needed for classic Southern sweet tea. Of course, sweetness is optional so if you prefer it the Northern style, unsweetened - this is the perfect iced tea! (Read below for an easy Sweet Tea recipe!)

Steak Who doesn’t love a well-prepared medium rare steak that is just lightly charred on the outside? Use a little salt and pepper, and when done right, you don’t need any type of a sauce with it. However, the choice of beverage goes a long way to ensuring that you get the most flavor out of each succulent bite of beef. The best teas for steak? Generally speaking, these are going to be straight black teas - like our Kettle Iced Black Tea! For a boost, add a splash of lemon and boost the sweetness with your favorite sugar or honey. Burgers Possibly the most classic of the BBQ foods, the burger is often paired with a cold beer (as mentioned above). Most people are good with this and call it a day. While there is nothing at all wrong with this flavor combination, and there are a number of different options that are available to you. Why else would restaurants offer to fix your burger two dozen different ways if flavor combinations didn’t matter? When you want to chow down on a burger, think of the strong flavor of the meat, the bite of the pickle, the freshness of the lettuce, the soft buttery taste of a grilled bun, the creaminess of the cheese and mayo… it all just comes together, but it lacks something… even if you aren’t sure what it is. Why not try to find out? Think about common items served along with a burger – one of our favorites here is fruit salad. Having a fruit taste along the complex flavor blends of a burger can greatly enhance the flavor of both of these food groups. Burgers will also go great with a Kettle Iced Black Tea. Having said that, consider the following options with your burgers - and taste wonderful blended together with our Kettle Iced Black Tea!

Vineyard Peach Strawberry

An absolute favorite among the guests at The Whistling Kettle, the Vineyard Peach Strawberry tea combines two classic summer flavors with the refreshing bite of black tea. Full of caffeine, this tea will help your stomach settle after eating that half pound burger (you know you are going to do it) in front of you while the flavors of strawberry and peach dance on your tongue and bring you back to a simpler place while you forget your worries and just think about enjoying the here and now. Have a love of peaches and strawberries? Check out our recent video showcase on this tasty black tea blend here.


No, we don't mean the movie! This colorful fruit tea, or tisane, is an addictive combination of berries and tropical fruits. If you love this combination and are looking to make a statement - look no further! Not only with our Casablanca tea blow you away with its pungent, fruity flavor, anyone who takes a sip of this as an iced tea will not be disappointed. If you really want to make your drinks sing at your next summer event, you could consider substituting a fruit juice with Casablanca iced tea. (Add sweetener, too, if you'd like!)

Gojiberry Blueberry Pomegranate

Our wonderful Gojiberry Blueberry Pomegranate green tea blend is a perfect mixture for sitting out on a sunny day. Get a bit of an energy boost from its tangy taste before jumping in the pool or sip it slow next to the grill while you flip burgers. Tastes great with a plate of watermelon or plain potato chips.

What about…

…other foods? I know, some of you want to know the best teas to pair with chicken, or a grilled fish, or hotdogs and sausages… And there are teas that will go with these items as well. While we won’t get into the specifics, we can make some simple recommendations:
  • For fish, consider a pineapple and coconut blended tisane, like our Lotta Colada. If you don't like fish, we recommend one of our delicious Happy Tea as a wonderful iced herbal tea.
  • For hotdogs and sausages, remember that the flavor profile if these is unique and condiments can make an impact on taste. This is where bold flavors can unite in harmony. Consider a bold, fruity tea like our Blood Orange or Mango Passionfruit.
  • Chicken often tastes like chicken if it is just chicken, but when grilled, marinated, sauced, or prepared in other ways it often tastes completely different depending on how it is prepared. That being said, think about how it is being cooked and plan your iced teas accordingly! Overall, teas like our Lemon Souffle or Golden Starfruit would pair nicely with the right cook.

But how do I make iced tea? We have just the solution for you!

You don't have to be conflicted about what kind of iced (or hot) tea to make. You can even cold brew coffee for all we care! Our Conflicted Brewer is the quintessential kitchen item for iced tea this summer, and you are definitely going to want to take advantage of our sale on the brewer before the month is over. Our iced tea brewer is simple to use and has recipes printed right on the glass for ease-of-use. You won't have to worry about losing a recipe or missing a step. Just follow the instructions by the type of tea you have and done!

Here's a free recipe you can use at home.

This recipe is made for The Conflicted Brewer, but can also be altered for home use in a pitcher. Things you will need:
  • The Conflicted Brewer (or 46oz pitcher of your choosing*)
  • Medium to Large Tea Infuser or Filter. We recommend The Steeper if you are using a pitcher.*
  • Sweetener - your favorite sugar or honey
  • Optional - half a lemon, hand squeezed. (Make sure to remove the seeds before squeezing!)

Southern Sweet Iced Tea (Cold Brew)

  1. Add 3 tablespoons of Kettle Iced Black Tea into infuser or filter
  2. Top off with filtered water
  3. Steep for 6-24 hours in the fridge. Remove filter and discard used tea leaves when the tea is at your desired strength.
  4. Mix in your sweetener. (About 3-5 tablespoons for most people is just right.)
  5. Optional: Squeeze some fresh lemon juice and stir!
Take 15% off your purchase of The Conflicted Brewer with code CONFLICTED15 (valid through 6/30/22). A Final Thought… Some of you might not be sold on the idea of using a new flavor profile to enhance the flavor profile of your favorite barbecue food. We recall that many people wish they could watch their favorite movie again for the first time. Why not try to use the flavors of tea with your barbecued foods to TASTE your favorite foods again for the first time? Your health, your tastebuds, and yes, your family will thank you for considering something new. Until next time, to your health!