Golden Monkey Tea

For those of you who have purchased Golden Monkey from us on a regular basis knew something was up over the past year. Between shortages and inconsistent quality, we needed to look elsewhere for one of our favorite tea styles.

Sometimes this happens. There is a bad crop or batch, or the grower just can't provide a quality product anymore. Being organic is tricky, because if it isn't done right, it can result in an inferior product. And with Golden Monkey, there simply isn't any other organic options available.

we wanted to go direct to a HIGH QUALITY Golden Monkey producer. We found what we believe to be the best Golden Monkey we've ever tried. All the visual notes are there, and we were particularly impressed by the flowing gold spread throughout this blend along with very fine wiry leaves - indicative of a premium product.

EU Certified

This product is not organic. But we think EU certification is better. Why? Organic simply means they are using "organic" fertilizer, mind you - some organic pesticides and herbicides are also toxic.

High end tea needs to be weeded manually. Throwing on herbicide will affect plant quality and taste. Nobody wants to ruin an expensive crop. The same goes with pesticides. You'll find these mostly in low land areas where there are more pests, weeds and also industrial pollution. That is why the better teas come from the higher elevations away from the sources of pollution.

EU standards are a strict set of rules where food is tested for a variety of residue. Here you can read an example.

What this means is that if a product fails to meet these standards for the strict minimums, then it's no longer certified and we don't sell it. We believe this is a more reliable indicator of overall quality than just relying on the organic label alone.

About Golden Monkey

Golden Monkey is sometimes referred to by the grower (because this tea is so good) as King of Panyong Congou. After a painstakingly labor intensive production process, this tea is hand sorted to ensure a beautiful leaf appearance. The leaves are curly, wiry and well twisted with a high percentage of tips evident. ‘Tip’ is the tip of the new shoots and during the manufacturing process these tips turn a gold brown. ‘Tippy tea’ is a leading indicator of exceptional quality, highly selective grading and usually only available in the first few weeks of the new season (New season teas have the most flavor, rarest and most eagerly sought by tea connoisseurs)

If you are a fan of high quality Chinese black teas, this one is a MUST try.