Starting out with tea

One of the biggest challenges we see with customers is getting overwhelmed with all the choices....

There are so many teas? Where do I start? Where do I begin?

For most people in the USA, the tea journey usually starts with black tea. Black tea is the most popular tea type in North America. But there are so many types of teas, including different types of black teas that it's very hard to define. One black tea can be very strong while another is very mild.

Start by sampling the flavors - we make it easy by offering samples that will typically make 4-6 servings.

The best thing to do is start with what you are most familiar with and then branch out. The great thing about tea is that it blends and flavor easily, so almost any taste can be recreated into a tea. So if you are most familiar with black tea, start by going through the flavored black teas and find ones that you like. We get in seasonal teas all the time, so check on those as well!

If you are going the flavored route, then start looking at other tea types like green tea tea, oolong and white. Don't worry about the teas themselves, just focus on the flavors you think you might like.

Try our Tea Samplers here!

[HINT] - Some flavors of tea, especially ones that are fruity make excellent iced tea candidates.

Now try some Rooibos and Honeybush

Rooibos and Honeybush are 100% caffeine free, they make excellent end of day beverages. Unlike the other teas like black and green, Rooibos is almost always flavored or blended. Honeybush is a close cousin. We recommend giving a few of these a try.

Don't forget the herbals

Our herbal teas are sometimes flavored, sometimes they are just pure herbs. Most are caffeine free. Some are based around a function (such as immune boosting Feel Better), Digestion (detox and cleanse). These are all over the spectrum. One thing we like to do is avoid too many single herb teas. A single herb would be something like peppermint. Others, like Dandelion are kind of hard to drink on their own. So we blend them with other ingredients with the goal being that all of them are drinkable.

Let's talk chai

Chai teas generally are any tea loaded with spices. There are many types and varieties, so we recommend trying them. Chai's are traditionally designed to be consumed with milk and sugar (or other sweetener).

We also recommend frothing the milk with a little electric spinner available at any home goods store. A nice foamy layer of milk make these a great treat!


This is a technical term, but we also can call them fruit teas - although there isn't actually any tea in it. Tisanes are basically any root or fruit or herb. We keep the fruit tisanes seperate - they just mean it's all fruits and flowers. Many of these make amazing iced teas! A tiny amount of sugar or honey will help balance out the tartness.


Start by trying flavored varieties like Superfruit or Scottish Caramel Toffee. Pu-erh has a naturally earthy flavor, and is excellent for digestion and it has helped some lower their cholesterol. If you like the flavor, then look at the non-flavored varieties.

Another option? Join our tea of the month club!

A tea of the month club subscription will expose you to a variety of different teas. Each month you will get a variety of different teas, and because we ship in bulk you save on shipping costs. Membership includes a start set of tea bags plus 20% off all teaware. Members will also get additional benefits with a special site wide discount at the end of their subscription.