Dessert tea recommendations

Dessert tea can actually have two definitions. There are teas to pair with dessert and teas to drink AS dessert.

Best dessert teas for drinking

Sometimes you want to taste of dessert but without the baggage (fat, calories, sugar, etc). There are plenty of teas that can fit this role thanks to the wonderful world of blending. By carefully combining some strategic ingredients and flavoring, you can take plain old tea and convert it to a liquid dessert.

What about the calories?

One common question about dessert teas is if they contain calories. When you look at the ingredients, it is not an unusual question to have. But because of the way teas are typically blended, the resultant calorie count is usually - zero. In very small cases, it might be one calorie. A chocolate tea might list chocolate as an ingredient, but the amount of chocolate is so small, it never registers. Tea blenders will use distilled flavor extracts - think vanilla extract for example to give the the tea an extra flavor punch.

Watch the sugar

As with anything else, adding sugar will add calories and reduce the health benefits. The beauty is, by making the tea at home you can control this sugar, and sometimes only a very small amount is required to appease your sweet tooth.

Caffeinated Dessert Teas

While they come in all types, the most popular types are black teas. Most of these can be consumed straight, with milk, and optionally a sweetener (or stevia).

Some examples:

Snowflake : Black tea with coconut, cinnamon and shredded almonds.
Celebration: Cinnamon, Almonds, coconut macaroons and a touch of banana.
Cinnobun: If you love the sweet, sticky indulgence, give this tea a try
Maple Taffy: Byitself or fluffy buttermilk pancakes
Salted Chocolate Caramel: Popular salty sweet combination.

Decaf Dessert teas

If bedtime is near, or you just want to avoid any caffeine, there are many choices of herbal teas, many of which are centered around rooibos and honeybush that make fantastic dessert teas.

Our top picks:

Carrot Cake: Real carrot pieces and yogurt chips with an incredible aroma
Chamomile Cookie: 100% herbal with an amazing caramel graham cookie flavor
Chocolate Monkey: Delicately shaved chocolate with banana bits. Yum
Marzipan: First thing you'll notice is the incredible aroma of almonds.

Dessert Tea runner ups

While our recommendations above are all flavored teas, pairing a dessert with an unflavored tea can create the perfect compliment, much like wine pairs with different types of food. For sweet desserts, try these teas.

English Evening, Happy Valley Darjeeling

These teas offer subtle muscatel flavors that are real stand outs when paired with chocolate.


This Chinese black tea doesn't have the strong tannins that a comparable Indian tea has, so its natural 'softness' lends itself well to any sort of cake or pastry you can through at it.


Any non-flavored Oolong would pair well with dessert. We especially like Darjeeling Oolong or Milk Oolong. Both stand well on their own and balance out the sweetness of desserts.