Coffee vs Tea? Top 5 reasons to switch from coffee to tea

Coffee and tea are both popular beverages. Many times heavy coffee drinkers will disregard tea or just bypass it because they are so used to the coffee flavor. However, there are many compelling reasons to bring tea into your daily routine. We have the top five coffee vs tea comparisons and why they may be compelling switches.

1. Coffee vs Tea: Caffeine pros and cons

Sure coffee can provide that quick pick me up we all need in the morning. But some people drink it like water. . . Regardless, recommendations are to drink no more than 400mg of caffeine per day. Very high caffeine consumption can not only cause potential problems with irregular heartbeat, but also lead to anxiety and insomnia. It's no wonder that even the military calls for 'weak' coffee to maintain alertness.

Fortunately tea can provide both stimulation and boost awareness without consuming potentially harmful levels of caffeine. Even drinking the strongest black teas in moderation will keep you well under the 500 mg limit. Plus moderate caffeine consumption will also help prevent a caffeine crash. Of course if you choose herbal tea - most of these contain no caffeine at all.

2. Coffee vs Tea: Acid and digestion

Another side effect of heavy coffee consumption is potentially ingesting too much acidity which can affect the lining of the stomach and intestines. If you have digestion issues like gastritis and reflux, it may worsen these conditions. It can also worsen the symptoms of heart burn and indigestion.

Tea on the other hand is less acidic, and if brewed properly will not have the same level of potential side effects for existing conditions. In fact, both regular tea and herbal teas can be used as digestive aids.

3. Coffee vs Tea: Anti-oxidants

While it's true that coffee contains antioxidants, tea is a whole class of powerful anti-oxidants known as catechins that are not present in coffee. A high consumption of anti-oxidant rich foods helps prevent disease and other age related illnesses.

4. Coffee vs Tea: New dimensions of flavor

While there are many types of coffee and roasting techniques, coffee in the end all has a certain distinctive flavor profile. Tea is more like wine, and then some. Black tea, white tea, green tea, oolong tea, pu-erh tea plus herbals. The flavor profile of all these various categories, not to mention all the herbal and spice teas means thousands of different flavor combinations that aren't possible in coffee.

5. Coffee vs Tea: It's in nearly every movie!

Whether it's science fiction, action, thriller, comedy or drama - you'll find references to tea far more frequently than coffee. Maybe the words roll off the tongue better? Or maybe it just fits the mood of the scene? Either way, keep an eye out for tea references and you'll be surprised at how often it's mentioned.

Coffee Vs Tea: Top 5 Reasons to Switch from Coffee to Tea

If you are tea beginner, we recommend starting off with darker teas like black tea. And try lots of samples! Or join the tea of the month club. Either way - you'll love all the choices the world of tea has to offer, even if you continue to drink coffee.