Cleanse and Detox Tea Sampler

If you are looking to improve your health, or choosing a better diet - pairing specific teas with your new health goals. It also helps knowing what the difference between Cleanse and Detox. We designed this sampler as an excellent starting out point, although these teas are by no means definitive. But in general, it focuses mainly on herbal and green teas. Some of these ingredients are used in several different tea blends. You'll notice that some herbs are used throughout many tea blends.

Top 6 teas for cleanse and detox

Tea #1: Cleanse

Primary goal of this tea is for GI tract maintenance.

Ingredient highlights:

Hibiscus: Full of anti-oxidants, hibiscus is best known for its heart health benefits, with studies showing it may lower blood pressure and blood fat. Studies have also shown that hibiscus can also promote liver health and help it work more efficiently. While tea is a lower dose than extracts used in the study - the results are promising.

Senna: Is an herb in the legume family that is often used for it's GI tract properties for better elimination. The reason for this is that the breakdown of sennosides mildly irritates the cells in your colon, which stimulates movement and produces a laxative effect. Our cleanse blend uses a mild dose of senna.

Rosehip: High in vitamin C, we choses this ingredient because it's high in an antioxidant called tillroside, which may have fat burning properties.

Tea #2: Detox tea

Ingredient highlights:

Ginger: We like ginger because several studies indicate gingers effects on the gasses that form in the intestinal tract during digestion, helping the body to break up and expel gas to relieve bloating. Ginger also seems to have beneficial effects on certain enzymes that help digestion

Licorice: Studies have shown licorice is good at reducing symptoms of indigestion, such as acid reflux.

Holy Basil (aka Tulsi): Tulsi is used in a variety of herbal teas and has numerous benefits, but is used in this Detox blend specifically because it contains the flavonoid Apigenin, which helps the body remove waste at the cellular.

Dandelion: One the herbs that stands out for it's liver supporting function. It also stimulates pancreatic cells to produce insulin, better controlling blood sugar.

Burdock root: One of the key features of burdock root is its ability to remove toxins from the blood. A 2011 study shows it's blood cleaning effects.

Elder flowers: Contains chlorogenic acids, which may help with allergies and blood glucose levels

Tea #3: Green Tea

Gyokuro : Green tea is great for any detox diet, but we chose Gyokuro specifically because it's shaded, resulting in higher chlorophyll amounts. One of the properties we like is it can bind to heavy metals and help flush out toxins from the blood. But any green tea is recommended - but we do not recommend any sort of bagged green tea. Contains modest amounts of caffeine.

Tea #4: Pu-erh

Known for its digestive properties, especially post meal, we like it because it helps decrease fat accumulation in the liver, and may help improve blood sugar control which can help with weight lost and curb cravings. Any Pu-erh will work, but this sampler uses Pu-erh superfruit, which includes a variety of anti-oxidant containing berries. Pu-erh is generally lower in caffeine than standard black tea.

Tea #5: Balancing

An ayurvedic blend based on ancient Indian medicine, this tea contains a variety of spices, all of which have their own benefits. Licorice gives it a nice sweet finish.

Ingredient highlights:

Cinnamon: Multiple properties such as anti-oxidants, we like it because it can help lower blood sugar levels by interfering with numerous digestive enzymes, which slow the breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive track.

Cardamom: Used for thousands of years because of its digestive properties, specifically relieving stomach issues.

Coriander: Has also been used for digestion and gut health especially bloating and IBS.

Fennel: Source of vitamin B6 which plays a role in energy metabolism by breaking down carbs and proteins into glucose and amino acids.

Tea #6: Stimulating

Another tea loaded with beneficial spices, with an emphasis on ginger and turmeric.

Ingredient highlights:

Turmeric can increase the anti-oxidant capacity of the body, and the active compound in turmeric, circumin can neutralize free radicals as well as stimulating your body's own anti-oxidant defense.

Cleanse / Detox usage

We recommend consuming these teas as your primary liquid source while you focus on your revised cleanse or detox diet. Earlier in the day, we recommend drinking the caffeine containing teas, like Pu-erh and Green tea. Then drink the remaining herbal blends the rest of the day. But three cups of tea a tea will offer you the ideal dose.