Giving up caffeine doesn’t have to mean giving up on flavor! There are plenty of exciting caffeine-free blends that will add spice to your everyday routine. Whether you are looking for a tea to drink before bed or need an invigorating cup for breakfast, we have unique recommendations. You’ve probably already tried the basics like plain peppermint and chamomile. This list is here to get you off the beaten path and discover new flavors that surprise and delight. The main categories of caffeine-free teas include:

  • Herbal tea
  • Decaf black or green tea
  • Rooibos tea
  • Fruit tea

On the flip side, caffeinated teas are typically made from the camellia sinensis plant. This includes green tea, black tea, oolong, and more. You can easily find decaffeinated versions of these teas, such as decaf Earl Grey or decaf English Breakfast. Most herbal teas are naturally caffeine-free, but watch out for Yerba Maté and Guayusa tea which have high levels of caffeine. Our top 8 caffeine-free teas have a mix of different varieties so you can find your perfect match.

1. Lemon Soufflé

Rooibos, honeybush, green rooibos, lemon & orange peels, calendula petals, blue cornflowers.

Flavor Profile: Zesty, bright, delicate.

The aroma of this tea brings to mind freshly baked pastries and ripe citrus. Rooibos is a popular caffeine-free herb that tastes similar to black tea. Combined with its sweeter cousin, honeybush, this tea is a real treat. The delicate flower petals and citrus peels will make you feel like you’re in French café.

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2. Decaf Blueberry Mango

Decaffeinated black tea, mango cubes, blueberries, cornflower petals.

Flavor Profile: Fruity and strong.

This isn’t your ordinary decaf black tea. Bursting with mango and berry flavor, this blend works well hot or iced. The fruity flavors are naturally strong from real dried mango bits and blueberries in the tea. It makes a deep infusion with a sweet lingering taste.

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3. Comfort Chaga

Rooibos, chaga mushroom, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, bee pollen.

Flavor Profile: Earthy, spicy, warm.

If you need a great coffee substitute in the morning, chaga tea is the way to go. Blended with rooibos, turmeric and invigorating spices, it makes a bracing cup. The deep, toasty flavors satisfy that craving for a full-bodied cup. Works well with a splash of milk.

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4. Anti-Strain

Cinnamon, licorice root, ginger, fennel, orange peel, cardamom.

Flavor Profile: Sweet and soothing.

A cup of this tea feels like a hug from the inside. Gentle spice and sweet licorice make for a relaxing brew. The flavors are well balanced and it has an enticing aroma. Perfect to sip at the end of a long day.

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5. Stimulating

Ginger, cardamom, coriander, turmeric, cloves, nutmeg.

Flavor Profile: Spicy, strong, complex.

This blend is sure to wake you up even though it has zero caffeine. Revitalizing spices like ginger, cardamom, and turmeric combine to jump start your body and mind. The intensity of the ginger makes a hearty cuppa. It is similar in flavor to chai and works well as a latte.

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6. Carrot Cake

Rooibos, honeybush, raisins, carrot, cinnamon, white chocolate, candied ginger, safflower petals.

Flavor Profile: Rich and velvety.

Indulge in this dessert tea anytime you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. It has all the essential ingredients for carrot cake but no calories! Candied ginger and white chocolate add indulgent flavor, and raisins make it taste like the real thing.

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7. Lotta Colada

Pineapple, shredded coconut, apple pieces, hibiscus petals, rosehips.

Flavor Profile: Sweet, tangy, vibrant.

Looking for a fruity iced tea? This tropical blend is like a vacation in a cup. Pineapple and coconut are boosted with the sweetness of apples, and tart rosehips. A sprinkle of hibiscus flowers makes the infusion bright red in color. For a quick iced brew, simply steep the tea in half the usual amount of water and pour over ice.

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8. Feng Shui

Apple, gojiberries, dragonfruit, lemongrass, blackberry leaves, nettle, orange peel, carrot, strawberry leaves, beetroot, eucalyptus leaves, cornflowers, marigold petals, pink peppercorn.

Flavor Profile: Tangy, citrusy, sweet.

As the name implies, this tea has perfect harmony. Its colorful medley has a variety of fruits, flowers, and herbs. There’s a little zing of citrus, sweet fruity notes, and a floral finish. A cup of this blend will help you feel balanced and calm.

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How To Brew Caffeine-Free Teas

Now that you’re familiar with these new flavors, it’s time to get steeping. Most caffeine-free teas are best steeped for 7 minutes in boiling water. But herbal and fruit teas can be steeped 10 minutes for stronger flavor. We always recommend using loose leaf tea since it is stronger and higher-quality than most tea bags. Here are the basic guidelines for the main types of caffeine-free teas.

  • Herbal Tea: 1-2 tsp per 8oz cup. Use boiling water and steep 7-10 minutes.
  • Rooibos Tea: 2 tsp per 8oz cup. Use boiling water and steep 7 minutes.
  • Decaffeinated Black Tea: 1 tsp per 8oz cup. Use boiling water and steep 4 minutes.
  • Decaffeinated Green Tea: 1 tsp per 8oz cup. Use not-quite-boiling water at 180-195 degrees F. and steep for 3 minutes.
  • Fruit Tea: 2 tsp per 8oz cup. Use boiling water and steep 7-10 minutes.

The benefit of caffeine-free tea is that you don’t have to worry about it getting bitter. Caffeine itself is actually bitter in taste, so caffeine-free teas are often sweeter. You’ll also expand your scope of selection since there are so many plants, flowers, fruits, and roots that are naturally caffeine-free. The key is to experiment and find out what you prefer. Happy steeping!