Day 1 of 12 - Vanilla Plum Cake Matcha Latte Recipe

Day 1 of 12 - Vanilla Plum Cake Matcha Latte Recipe

Day 1: Vanilla Plum Cake Matcha Latte​

Simple yet delicious, this caffeinated Vanilla Plum Cake Matcha Latte is perfect for a cold winter morning or afternoon pick me up. This creamy delight only requires a few simple ingredients and is great for when you're in the mood for a warm and cozy beverage with a caffeine kick.

Matcha, a form of green tea, has lots of great benefits. Typically, matcha is whisked with hot water using a matcha whisk or something similar. Rather than using hot water, we decided to use some fresh steeped Plum Cake tea - and we found a matcha (get it?) made in heaven! Combinations of vanilla matcha and warm holiday plum cake create a festive and flavorful matcha latte, perfect for bringing holiday cheer!

What You'll Need

Vanilla Plum Cake Matcha Latte​

(Makes 1-2 servings)

  1. Heat 8oz of water until 180 F
  2. Add 2 tbsp Plum Cake tea in a large infuser basket or disposable, fillable tea bag.
  3. Submerge infuser or tea bag and steep for 3 minutes.
  4. Remove infuser or tea bag.
  5. Sift the vanilla matcha into a small bowl.
  6. Add 4oz of hot tea to the matcha powder and whisk until completely dissolved without any lumps.
  7. Add your choice of sweetener to the matcha mixture.
  8. Continue to whisk until your sweetener dissolves and bubbles form on top.
  9. Pour matcha into a glass.
  10. Heat up your milk or dairy alternative until steaming, do not boil.
  11. Froth together until desired foaminess.
  12. Add frothed milk to your cup of matcha.
  13. Top off your glass with whipped cream for a more indulgent experience.
  14. Sprinkle some matcha powder on top & enjoy!

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