Brain Function

Drink tea for better brain health

Drinking tea is a good way to nourish your brain, as the delicious beverage offers a number of benefits to this important organ. Tea can:

Stimulate your mind
Improve your focus
Give your brain an energy boost
Induce calm and relaxation

When you drink tea, you ingest some caffeine. This stimulant gets your nervous system firing, and it stimulates your brain along with your body. Caffeine alone would only stimulate your mind, but the addition of theanine - another chemical found in tea - helps to balance out the stimulation by relaxing and calming your brain.

Theanine is actually a relaxant that tempers the stimulating effects of caffeine. Best of all, theanine can be absorbed into the brain via the intestines, as it can cross the blood-brain barrier - which many nutrients cannot.
When it enters the brain, cells called astrocytes consume the theanine, and turn it into a chemical - GABA. GABA is a chemical that is needed by the brain to relax. There's just enough theanine to help relax the mind, while the caffeine in the tea also helps to kick your brain into high gear.

Green, Purple, White Tea for mental focus

These teas contain very high EGCG levels as well as other catechins and polyphenols. Some of these naturally occurring compounds result in a chemical reaction within the body that helps to stimulate the brain. When this is coupled with the light caffeine content present, the result is a drink that is good for the body and the brain in all capacities.

Ginger increases brain function

Ginger has been used in Asian cultures as a medicine for thousands of years, and with good reason. Modern science is beginning to accept this spice as offering some medicinal properties. Common uses of ginger relate to increasing blood flow and fighting infections. However, the newest studies that are being done add to this informational base; Ginger may improve brain function and fight Alzheimer’s disease. In recent studies, ginger has shown that it may increase the reaction time and working memory in its participants.

Turmeric for brain health

Much like ginger, turmeric has been consumed and used medically in other nations for great stretches of time. And, like with ginger, turmeric is beginning to garner a reputation as having medicinal properties. While the physical health benefits are prevalent, what is little known is that the newest studies related to this spice shows that turmeric increases brain function by telling the brain to produce more BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor), which is a hormone that tells the brain to function at higher levels.

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