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Best teas to Cleanse and Detox

You see the words "Cleanse" and "Detox" being used all over, and and knowing a little about the process can go a long way to helping you achieve your health goals in a safe manner. Many cleanse and detox teas are targeted towards weight loss. But be aware that the teas by themselves are not the solution, but are considered part of the overall toolbox.

What is the difference between Cleanse and Detox?

Cleanse and Detox are different animals, and they are paired with different diets.

Cleansing is the process where you want to fuel your body with nutrient rich foods that support your natural detoxification system. You eliminate junk food and replace with fiber and nutrient rich foods that help you give your liver and kidney a chance to do their job more efficiently.

Detox on the other hand is the process which helps your body (kidneys and liver) specifically get rid of accumulated toxins such as heavy metals. Food cannot detoxify your body, but eating the right type of foods helps your kidneys and liver do their job better. Generally the diets are often super-restrictive.

How do Cleanse and Detox teas work?

Because it is so closely associated with diet, the simple process of drinking a cleanse or detox tea will probably not do you any good if you are not pairing it up with a carefully researched diet.

A detox tea would be paired with more restrictive diet period, carefully monitored with the goal of removing harmful substances out of your body. Typically detox is done for a period of time and then stopped. A well blended detox tea will include herbs and spices that stimulate the liver and kidneys.

A cleanse tea on the other hand is combined with a nutrient rich diet. The increased fiber will also help your intestines work more efficiently and helps you eliminate more waste matter. Many cleanse teas also contain some levels of laxatives, usually the herb senna to keep things 'moving'.

Drinking the teas should be done as part of a well researched program. A tea by itself will not be able to do a complete job. Also long term exposure to certain herbs may cause negative side effects. The Detox-Cleanse program should be part of a strategy followed by an everyday maintenance regimen.


Besides teas specific to cleansing and detox, as a good every day maintenance green tea is highly recommended as a way to hydrate and increase metabolism. But green tea also contains Chlorophyll, and you'll find higher amounts in certain types of tea such as Gyokuro. The chlorophyll can bind with heavy metal molecules to enable them to be eliminated from your body. Pairing green tea with fish also has been shown to inhibit mercury absorption. Matcha is also a good source of chlorophyll.

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