Teas to help prevent aging

While your DNA can have an effect on your biological age (i.e. how old you are compared to your actual age), it has been found the diet and lifestyle plays the biggest role in how old you look and how long you live.

Tea as an-antioxidant source

Your body is constantly being exposed to damage from the sun, pollution, stress and other factors. Eating a diet rich an anti-oxidants is an effective way to mitigate this. Antioxidants in the body act much like lightning rods do on the top of tall buildings; they give the reactive oxygen a safe place to offload it's charge onto. By essentially taking the hit for your body, antioxidant compounds can mitigate the damage your DNA is taking, assuming you have enough of them available and you aren't taking on more damage than can be absorbed

Green, White and Purple Teas

All these teas exist much in the state that you would find them in in nature, and as a result of this minimal processing, they retain much of their natural antioxidant composition. When consumed as a tea, these plants give our bodies a stimulating jolt of energy and a healthy boost of antioxidants to fight the damage accumulating around your body.

Herbs as Medicine

Along with traditional teas, many herbs like rooibos, hibiscus, lemongrass, sage and chamomile are found in a variety of herbal tea blends that all have abundant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory profiles. These herbs can be brewed into delicious herbal teas that will give you an antioxidant boost without caffeine.

Having a variety of antioxidants from a variety of sources will help to slow the biological aging process and help you maintain your good health as long as possible.

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