New Detox Blend

By Kevin Borowsky March 8th, 2019

Benefits of Detox tea

Every so often we like to "revisit" a tea and see if there is any room for improvement or revision based on customer feedback or new health research. One of the teas is the Detox blend. We've written before on the difference between cleanse and detox, and we decided that we wanted to adjust the flavor profile while keeping many of the same health benefits. The function of this tea is to help stimulate the bodies natural detox mechanism - the liver and digestive system to cope with all the stress, pollution, radiation and other toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.

What was our goal?

Offer ingredients for digestive and liver support

Use a formula that can be consumed every day (i.e. not overpowering)

Improve the taste

Detox tea ingredients

Our new Detox blend uses traditional Native American and Indian Ayuverdic herbs that have been used safely for thousands of years. As in our previous blend, this version features dandelion root. Many people come in asking for dandelion root tea. Our take is that, while this may be a way to stimulate the liver, drinking dandelion tea by itself isn't going to be very pleasant. So rather than just drink one root, we prefer to use a blend of herbs and roots that support each other and are safe to use on an every day basis. We also added Tulsi(Holy Basil) which is featured in our Calming blend, licorice, burdock root and ginger. The combination of these ingredients will stimulate the digestive system, aid in weight loss and stimulate the liver.

But these benefits may not be worth it if the taste is too strong, overpowering or too "acquired". After all, if you want to drink something on an every day basis, you want to taste good right? That is why we introduced some botanicals (flower petals - which also contain antioxidants) and organic compliant fruit flavors. It works great and in the end we were very pleased with how great tasting this Detox blend turned out.

We invite you to try this tea and incorporate the benefits as a daily drinker. Naturally caffeine free, it's a great before bed tea as well.

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