Flavanoids help improve health

By Tea Guru November 11th, 2019

Health update - Flavanoids and 'real food'

Consuming flavonoids, a large class of nutrients found in plant foods, may reduce the risk for cancer and cardiovascular death.
Researchers used data on 56,048 Danes for 23 years. The study is in Nature Communications. Those in the highest one-fifth had a 17
percent reduced risk for all-cause mortality, a 15 percent reduced risk for cardiovascular disease death, and a 20 percent reduced risk
for cancer mortality. Good sources of flavonoids include tea, chocolate, red wine, citrus fruits, berries, apples and broccoli. One
cup of tea, one apple, one orange, and three and a half ounces each of blueberries and broccoli would supply more than 500 milligrams
of total flavonoids. Participants with a higher flavonoid intake also tended to have a healthier diet overall. The New York Times

A recent article in Consumer Reports also mentions, as we have discussed on this blog many times, that most supplements provide little if any health benefit. This brings us to another observation - if you are consuming smoothies, shakes or teas for purported health benefits, make sure they are REAL and not processed. If you are purchasing a smoothie or juice, you want to make sure there are actual raw fruits and vegetables in it, not powders.

The same goes with tea. Tea that has been processed into a an extract or ready made mix is not the same thing as drinking actual brewed tea. And some, like green tea extract, can be toxic. If the tea contains stevia, it is catering to the sweet tooth. While consuming stevia may not have direct negative implications, additional research is questioning how these sweeteners might affect our gut microbes or if the taste of sweetness without the reward of calories could alter regulation of energy intake and response to sugar consumption.

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