How To Quit Drinking Soda?

By kborowsky September 11th, 2018

One way is to substitute a bad habit with a good one.

“What health benefits would I see from switching off of my soda and drinking tea instead?”

People want to be healthier, they want to make a better decision, but many don’t because they are not sure just how beneficial it can be or how to go about it.

This article will give you a great starting point to kick the soda habit.

How to quit the soda habit

First off, what is the problem with soda and why is it unhealthy?

Some of that depends upon the type of soda; is it a regular soda or is it a diet soda?

Soda that is not diet obviously has more calories than its diet counterpart, often containing roughly 140 calories per drink, and the majority of this comes from the average of 33 grams of sugar, which comes out to be 132 calories with the rest of the calories being made from unappreciable amounts of fat and protein. This being said, those who substitute their recommended 8 glasses of water a day with 8 glasses of soda are getting over 1100 extra calories per day, which can quickly pack on the weight.

Diet soda typically does not have any sugar, and normally is calorie free. Despite this, diet sodas typically see those that consume it gain the same weight as those that drink the sugar laden versions of the same drink. This is caused by metabolic confusion; the incredibly sweet artificial sweeteners spike blood insulin, and since there is no sugar in the body, these levels stay elevated, often resulting in constant hunger pangs and overeating. In addition to this is the fact that the chemicals themselves may slow the metabolism, resulting in faster weight gain then the unsweetened variety of soft drinks.

Whether the soda is regular or diet, there are concerns aside from the calories to be aware of; regular consumption of soda can result in increased risk of heart conditions, diabetes, depression, osteoporosis, and migraines.

Quitting Soda

With the problems that can result from soda, why wouldn’t you want to quit, or at the very least cut down to 1 to 2 cans or glasses of soda per week?

The reason many people cite is that it will be too hard because they have gotten addicted to the sweeter drink, or they are afraid of the caffeine withdrawal that is associated with quitting soda.

While these are very real concerns and should be thought of prior to trying to quit soda altogether. Studies are showing that just quitting cold turkey often results in misery and jumping right back on to soda in very short order. However, quitting can be as simple as switching over to a flavorful and healthy alternative; tea.

Switching to Tea

The biggest reason to switch over to tea is to still have some flavor to your beverage. Aside from the relatively low caffeine content, your body processes tea primarily like water, meaning that you get the same hydration benefits as if you were drinking plain water. It is also important to realize that tea does have some caffeine in it, which can reduce the severity of the caffeine withdrawal that you may face from highly caffeinated sodas.

The one problem that a number of people will have when making the switch is the reduction in the sweet “pick me up” that they often require in the middle of the day. To make up for this, a lot of people simply dump sugar or an artificial sweetener into their tea until it reaches the level of sweetness that they are looking for. The end result…

No real change, no real improvement, and you would still be consuming too much sugar or too many chemicals!

To curb this desire, we recommend lightly sweetening tea until you find it palatable. After this, ideally you will want to start reducing the sweeteners until they are no longer a part of your beverage. If possible, we recommend using a natural sweetener like honey.

An additional option is to go with teas that are naturally sweeter in taste. There are many flavored varieties of tea that have naturally sweet profiles. A good tea vendor will be able to give you recommendations, but it never hurts to try samples to see what you like.