Hemp Tea Update

By Tea Guru January 1st, 2020

Preview of the new CBD Hemp Teas

Hemp Tea 2020 Update

Many people are interested in CBD tea and want to know what the progress is since our first announcement.

Hemp Leaf versions

The MAJOR difference with our blend versus any other CBD or HEMP tea is that it is decarboxylated. If you didn't read our previous blog post, it's important to know that the only way your body will absorb CBD is either through combustion (smoking the flowers) or pairing with fats. That is why other products will usually have coconut oil or other binders added. If CBD oil is just added to tea, your body will not absorb much and it will be a waste of money.

Our tea will have the CBD bio-available right out to of the bag Early lab results show a very decent amount of CBD, and we estimate about 30mg per serving.

The advantage of our blend is also the full spectrum nature of the hemp. That means the entire cross section of cannabanoids are available, not just CBD. Simply put, it's the most natural way to enjoy CBD benefits in a mild dose of the pure hemp product.

We have been working with the grower on several different versions of Hemp (leaf style, consistency, flower/leaf mixture etc). The newest version is has more potency, and you will be able to smell the difference.

Seven Blends have been developed

We finalized seven blends - 6 of them are caffeine free herbal, one is a Yerba Mate caffeinated blend. We've paired some familiar herbs like chamomile, mint, ginger with some others used for particular benefits like valarian root. While the teas are technically ready for full scale production, we can't just start selling them on the website.

New website and regulations

As much as we would like to sell this on our existing platform, the sale of hemp and CBD products, while technically legal are still considered "risky" by many financial institutions. In other words, the major banks haven't caught up with the federal regulations. There have also been a lot of FDA pressure on companies that market CBD as cures for cancer or treatment for disease, which puts the industry under the spotlight even further. Therefore purchase will be through a different website.

There are also numerous regulatory requirements that need to be put in place in order to sell and ship hemp products. Recent news stories have shown over zealous law enforcement mistake hemp for it's illegal cousin. The proper certificates, lab reports and agreements with growers must be in place and documented.

How much will the hemp tea cost?

We have not calculated the final price, but hemp by it's nature is on the higher end. However because we are working directly with the farm, we will be able to offer these product at prices that should be the same or lower than comparable products.

When will the hemp tea be available?

We should have everything ready by the 1st quarter. If you want to be on our special mailing list, you will get more frequent communication about milestones and be able to pre-order product before anyone else.