CBD and Better Sleep

By Tea Guru September 3rd, 2020


Sleep is important for immune system function and overall health. Pretty much most doctor recommendations for losing weight, better concentration, longer life, increased immunity includes - 'get proper rest'.

For people who have anxiety or are having a hard time sleeping, taking prescription medication is often a solution. However many sleep aids can have addictive qualities or other side effects. However, there are different methods you can try to naturally get better sleep. While this article wont cover all the steps, things like lowering lights and avoiding bright screens one hour before bedtime can help your body get into a restful state of mind.

Tea is a great bed time companion because there are many herbs that help calm and relax the body without caffeine. Chamomile tea for example, is known to have those calming properties that are perfect before bed.


CBD is used to treat anxiety and stress. It would make sense that a tea formulated with CBD taken before bed would in theory, help sooth and calm you and thus, get a better nights sleep. Properly processed hemp leaves can be blended with herbs like Chamomile or Valarian Root to provide even more effectiveness. So does CBD and sleep go together? We decided to test it out.

With all the technology available now to monitor health, we experimented with someone who was suffering from sleepless nights. He would wake up in the morning exhausted and not fully rested. This translated into sluggish mental capacity especially as the afternoon wore on. Worse, the subject in our amateur study downed cans of monster energy drinks to compensate.

We provided him with a sample of Magic Leaf CBD tea to take that evening. He was skeptical, but tried in good faith. After one evening he came back to us with that "It worked". But he just didn't feel well rested, it also showed up in his fitbit sleep reports. The sleep indicators showed on the 5th day (the CBD day) the percent of deep sleep was significantly higher.

While this isn't a clinical study, our own little experiment shows that CBD shows promise for getting a better nights sleep.

CBD and Sleep : The results

As you can see from the above charts, the prior 4 days shows the deep sleep phase between 14.5% - 19.8%. The very first night of using CBD tea, that number shot up to 27.9%. While these results may vary between individuals, it worked the first night of use.

The conclusion, if you are suffering from lack of sleep, one tool that can help you get the much needed deep sleep your body needs to re-charge is to incorporate Hemp tea with CBD in your night time regimen. Or keep some handy on days where you have trouble resting.

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