About Us

Innovating tea culture since 2004

Step through our doors and you'll know we're just not another tea shop. Besides our enormous selection of tea we also offer some amazing and delicious cuisine in beautiful surroundings. We apply this philosophy to our on-line tea store, with top quality teas sourced from top notch farms and blenders. Whether you are shopping for tea, unique products or just looking to get information, we are committed to offering you a great experience on-line and off!

The Team

How we started....

We got hooked on loose tea for the same reason a lot of other people do - superior taste and selection. Not to mention it helped us achieve our health goals, more on that later.

Change of plans

We were considered crazy for quitting our careers and going into something completely different. It isn't easy to see your income go to zero (actually negative) while waiting for a first child. But at the time there weren't a lot of places to buy tea, and many traditional tea rooms were based around fancy china and lace. We launched our first tea room as a full service restaurant with a modern take on traditional tea fare.

You could of course just come in buy some packaged tea, but a lot of people couldn't resist the sights and smells of the food so they decided to stay and eat. Because of our unique approach, word of mouth spread and we grew into a popular tea and eating destination!


Our on-line business grew and eventually we moved that business into a separate facility we called the 'blend lab'. When we're not packing and shipping, we're writing cool and interesting things all tea related, experimenting with new blend ideas and chatting with our customers.

The tea

We curate and constantly change our lineup based upon new finds, customer demands or if we find something better. In addition to sourcing from the top blenders and importers, we also import and blend many of our own teas in house. Product quality is important, and we only do business with farms and companies who have been independently verified for sustainability and toxicity.

Focus on Health

Drinking tea is part of a healthy lifestyle. Check out our blog which is updated regularly with the latest tea and health topics.