Specials of the Day:

If you would like to know what our specials are today, please call (518) 884-2664. Because we are a popular destination, we go through ingredients quickly. We are unable to let you know what our specials are going to be days or weeks in advance. Sometimes, if we are busy, we may switch to a different special later in the day. That is why we recommend you call closer to your arrival time to learn about the most up to date specials. To prevent misinformation, we do not post our specials on Facebook or on our website.

Soups: Every day we feature a soup special. Typically, we run two soup specials. People have come to love our soups, so we typically stick to what our customers crave the most. If there is a particular soup you have tried and liked, there is a good chance we carry it quite often.

Scones, Dessert Special: We bake scones fresh every day, served with preserves and cream. We will typically run one or two scone specials, depending on the level of business. We may also serve a dessert special, i.e. crisps, cobblers, scone puddings, tarts, etc... Like our soups, we go through our dessert specials quickly, so we recommend you call before you arrive to learn about them.

Cakes: We serve a variety of cakes throughout the day. We have found that certain cakes are requested over and over, so we tend to have a similar selection every day. We also serve a flourless chocolate cake for people with gluten allergies.

Quiche Special: Our delightful quiche specials change day to day. We typically run one or two quiche specials, depending on the volume of business. You may order our quiche special alone with a side salad, or as part of our Afternoon Tea Special.

Panini Special: We may run a panini special, which will be different from our regular panini selection. The panini special is priced the same as our regular paninis, and can be ordered on its own with a side salad, or ordered as part of the Afternoon Tea Special

Hot Tea, Iced Tea Special: Every day we run hot tea and iced tea specials. We always run an unsweetened plain iced tea special with unlimited refills. We will also run one or two more flavored iced teas, unsweetened. You may ask for simple syrup to sweeten your iced tea. Our hot tea specials are served by the pot. They are exciting seasonal teas and have a limited run. We offer them for sale in bulk while supplies last.

Beer and Wine: We carry a premium selection of beer and wine. We typically rotate our beer selection to include new and interesting premium brews.