Directions to The Whistling Kettle in Troy

Parking Info

Parking is pretty easy in Troy. There is street parking throughout the neighborhood. Once you are on broadway, look for the first available parking spot. If you wind up passing us make a left onto river street and then the next left. Usually there is ample parking within 1-2 blocks in either direction.

Parking Garages

On weekends we recommend using the Uncle Sam Parking Garage, located on Fulton and 3rd. It is free nights and weekends. It is only a block and a half from the Whistling Kettle.
There are other parking garages, including the next closest one on river and state street, but the Uncle Sam garage is usually the closest. These parking garages are permit only during business hours M-F.

NOTE: During farmers market broadway is closed until 3pm. We highly recommend using the Uncle Sam garage.

Bank Parking
First Niagra parking is across the street. After the bank closes at 3pm, and on weekends that lot is available.