Best Teas for Weight Loss

What are the best teas for weight loss? Here are our top 7 weight loss teas. These teas not only taste great hot or iced, they have a combination of fat-burning ingredients that boost metabolism, lower fat absorption, and help stem food cravings.

  • 1. Lemon Ginger Slimblend

    Lemon Ginger Weight Loss Tea
    • Great tasting hot or iced.
    • A pu-erh / white tea recipe, combining weight loss benefits of both teas
    • Pu-erh shrinks existing fat cells and prevents new deposits from forming
    • White tea boosts metabolism, and is full of antioxidants
    • Lemon peel and ginger root, powerful digestive aids.
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  • 2. Goji Berry Oolong

    Gojiberry Oolong Weight Loss Tea
    • A great combination of flavorful gojiberries and fragrant oolong
    • Oolong increases metabolism and fat oxidation. Plus it helps regulate blood sugar
    • Nutrient-rich Goji berries help regulate blood sugar and reduce appetite.
    • A great in-between meal beverage that hydrates and increases energy.
    • Wow guests with an uniquely delicious and complex iced tea.
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  • 3. Chamomile Bilberry Bliss

    Flavored Tea Club: Background image courtesy of Garry Knight
    • The caffeine-free dessert craving killer!
    • Bilberry balances blood sugar, stemming late-night sweet cravings
    • Chamomile and lavender both sooth and relax, a great way to unwind.
    • Great tasting, full of powerful antioxidants.
    • Brew a pot of this at the end of each day.
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  • Why Is Tea Good For Weight Loss?

    • Tea boosts metabolism: caffeine in tea speeds up your body, making it burn fat faster.
    • Tea stems cravings: Satisfy your sweet tooth with a flavored tea.
    • Tea hydrates: Did you know that sometimes when you feel hungry you just need fluids?
    • Tea aids digestion Compounds in tea aid in digestion and help minimize fat absorbtion

    When to Drink Tea:

    • In the morning: Substitute your cup of joe with a pot of breakfast tea, you'll cut your caffeine in half and add weight loss benefits.
    • In the afternoon: Have a pu-erh/white tea blend iced tea at lunch to boost metabolism and limit fat absorption.
    • At night: Brew a pot of caffeine-free herbal tea after dinner. It will help you feel full and stem sweet cravings.
  • 4. Japanese Matcha

    Japanese Weight Loss Matcha
    • Great in smoothies and shakes.
    • 10 times the nutritional value of normal green tea.
    • Boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite.
    • Keeps the body from storing excess fat.
    • L-theanine calms and relaxes
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  • 5. Pu-Erh & White Superior

    Tea Discovery club.
    • A no-frills pu-erh, white tea blend
    • Made from premium-grade organic teas. For the serious tea drinker.
    • Pu-erh shrinks existing fat cells and prevents new deposits from forming
    • White tea boosts metabolism, and is full of antioxidants
    • A great sipping tea throughout the day.
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  • 6. Moroccan Mint

    Moroccan Mint for Weight Loss
    • A cool and refreshing digestive aid
    • Green tea is full of beneficial compounds that boost metabolism.
    • Peppermint is a natural appetite suppressant
    • Makes a great iced tea, great for digestion.
    • Great for oral health too.
    Try Moroccan Mint for weight loss
  • 7. Scottish Caramel Pu-Erh

    Scottish Caramel Toffee Pu-Erh Weight Loss
    • A dessert in a cup, with flavors of caramel and toffee
    • Pu-erh shrinks existing fat cells and prevents new deposits from forming
    • Avoid sweet cravings with this satisfying blend
    • Resilient to multiple infusions
    • An ideal compliment to a heavy meal.
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