Whistling Kettle Tea Tastings - Available everyday after 3pm.

tea tasting, image author Alexander Baxevanis

We've updated our tea tasting option to include new teas each month, and they will be available from 3pm until close ANY DAY at ANY location. No reservations required. Tea tastings require an afternoon tea purchase and are $23 per person. Your meal will be served on a three-tier tray and includes a savory, a soup or salad, and your choice of sweets. (view our menu). While you enjoy your meal, a server will bring you on a tea tasting journey, with rounds of premium tea and a detailed writeup. Typically 4-5 teas will be included.

Current Line Up

- Gopaldhara 1st Flush Darjeeling (grown at 6,000 feet. The highest altitiude estate in Darjeeling)
- Honey Black - Super premium Tawain Black tea. Mellow and smooth.
- Blueberry Crumbcake - A black tea with real blueberries and underlying nuttiness.
- Mandarin Lychee Bamboo - A unique green tea. Refreshing and tasty.
- Spring Breeze Rooibos - A taste Rooibos blend with lots of citrus and a hint of vanilla.

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- Your server will take your food order. Afternoon tea is required for the tea tasting event.

- Over the course of your meal, your server will bring over a cup of wonderful tea along with a detailed write up

- Expect between 4-5 cups of tea that are NOT on our menu. Includes some rare gems!

- Most teas will be available for purchase

 * There are certain upgrades on the menu such as cakes and premium salads which cost exta.Gratuity is not included except for larger parties.