If you enjoy wine, would you enjoy it as much drinking from a red solo cup? It's shouldn't serve as a surprise to anyone that a fine Cabernet Sauvingnon is best served with the aesthetic of a tall, stemmed wine glass. The essence of this is that we can all agree that there is just something more tasteful about matching what you're drinking with what you're drinking it from. So what about tea and coffee? 

How many times have you been at work, drinking your coffee or tea, and looked down at the soggy paper cup that you picked up at your favorite coffee stop on your way into the office a thousand times before? Maybe you've taken the next step and have a clichéd "Having a case of the Monday's?" type coffee mug that adorns just about every office desk in a way that is as forgettable as your commute to work. Maybe you've gone one step further into the dojo of the true caffeine warrior, brandishing an insulated thermos to fuel your endless battle with the sea of paperwork and team meetings that are ever present in most of our working lives.






If any of these things sound familiar to you we aren't surprised, this has been the landscape of tea and coffee consumption for as long as anyone can remember. But have you ever asked yourself, "why isn't there any other way?" Why shouldn't you be able to pair your favorite morning pick me up with something that reflects it's quality in a way that goes beyond a forgettable and often disposable piece of office normality. You could keep using paper cups, tired ironic coffee mugs or overstated thermoses, or you could try something different. Something new. Something that truly serves your coffee or tea as well as it serves you. We would like to extend that opportunity.

We are proud to be introducing a line of coffee and tea travel and desk mugs that add a new sense of style and purpose to your every day pick me up with the Whistling Kettle Bamboo collection!  We have two tumblers that are both stylish , modern and functional, allowing you to brew on the go or in the office!






The new Ceramic Bamboo Mug is the perfect piece for on the go tea and coffee lovers who want to accent their favorite blend.  Comprising of a beautiful ceramic mug with a bamboo sleeve, a no-spill lid, and a removable mesh infuser, this mug is great for brewing tea or coffee for your morning commute.  The infuser is large and spacious, allowing the tea leaves to unfurl for the best brew, while the ceramic mug retains the heat or chill of your preferred beverage.  The crisp cleanliness of the white ceramic combined with the natural earth tones of the bamboo sleeve make this mug the perfect alternative to using a flimsy paper cup.
The Glass Double Walled Bamboo Tumbler is perfect for brewing coffee or tea at your desk or meeting place.  This exquisitely crafted double walled glass tumbler is extremely sturdy when compared to other glass mugs, and the bamboo sleeve adds a touch of nature to the otherwise pristine glass profile.  The fact that this tumbler is made of glass allows one to see the infusion, which is one of the great joys of tea making, and makes it easy to tell when a cup is ready to drink.  The mug comes with both a removable infuser and a glass lid, both of which are extremely useful.  The infuser allows one to brew tea right at their desk, while the lid both holds in the heat and doubles as a way to hold the infuser when brewing is finished.  This mug is perfect for anyone who wants to brew tea at the office or at home, while not having to leave the convenience of their chair. 

Both of these tumblers add a new dimension to what is ordinarily a purely functional activity, delivering style to your morning tea or coffee and transforming it from a easily glanced over morning staple to a inspiring conversation piece that allows you to display your favorite beverages in a way that is classy and unique. Try one for yourself and see the difference that these tumblers can make.