The legend surrounding the famed Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon was not that he set sail to survey the New World, but to seek out the fabled "Fountain of Youth". According to ancient forklore, this fountain could cure a man of all his ailments and keep him looking and feeling young forever if he simply sipped a handful of the crystal clear water.
What Ponce de Leon discovered was now modern day Florida, full of palm trees and sunshine but no miracle spring. While there may be more myth than legend to Ponce De Leons excursion, records do show all civilizations have revered the idea that somewhere there is a magic cure all for human conditions. 
While the Ponce found sun, we do know that sun along with exposure to pollutants, toxins can cause problems with our appearance over time. Even a young person who is exposed to excessive UV rays (think tanning), or someone that smokes or drinks heavily will look chronologically older than their biological age. There are things you can do to mitigate these problems - from eating right, topical creams, and drinking certain teas.
What is the best Tea for anti-oxidants?
Tea, especially green tea is known to be high in anti-oxidants. Eating foods high in anti-oxidants, along with tea will help prevent all manner of age related illness and disease.
More recently, a new type of tea has come onto the market known as Purple Tea. This high grown tea from the mountains of Kenya contain an enormous amount of anti-oxidants, the same types found in green tea - but also a special anti-oxidant not found in any other tea, one that gives it the unique purple appearance. Read more about Purple Tea.
The purple tea provides a great base, and you could drink it and enjoy all the benefits from the potent anti-oxidants.
But...what if you wanted to fine tune the benefits into something more specific?
That is all where the mastery of tea blending comes into play. Tea can be combined with any manner of benefitial herbs to offer additional benefits or features. So we teamed up with our nutritionist, master herbalist and our best organic herb suppliers to come up with a list of herbs we could add to Purple tea to specifically target your appearance.
We worked backwards so to speak, and came up with a list of properties we wanted to see...
SKIN TONE AND GREY HAIR - We like Nettle Leaf, which contains abundant minerals. It is also great for allergies
MENTAL FOCUS, ENERGY, BODY TONING - They may be pretty, but Roses also are high in malic acid, which helps increase mental focus and boosts energy. It is an essential component ni the krebs cycle, a process that turns carbs and fats into energy and water.
HEALTHIER HAIR AND NAILS. Our master herbalist uses Horsetail. It is high in silica, which  are the building blocks for hair and nails.
For IMPROVED SKIN TEXTURE AND CALCIUM ABSORPTION,  we added Oat straw. You'll often find this in supplement form and in various creams.
TO RELIEVE ACNE AND ECZEMA, we want a dose of alpha-hydroxy, so we chose our old mineral rich South African friend - Rooibos, or Red Bush tea
TO PREVENT BROKEN CAPILLARIES, we use Rose hips which also happen to be high in vitamin C.
IMPROVED SKIN TONE - Fragrant Jasmine blossoms..helps the skin but also smells good and add a nice pleasant taste.
COMPLEXION - Cinnamon chips are our choice, which also has natural anti-bacterial properties.
These are short summaries of ingredients, but we invite you to look these herbs up on your own time and you will see many pages of well documented benefits. We offer you the convienience of packaging this into one flavorful blend.
How often to take this tea? A 12-16 ounce serving once a day is fine, and the ligher body makes it a good afternoon drink. You can also ice this beverage as well. There is a small amount of caffeine in Purple tea, but very low compared to black tea and on average lower than most green teas. 
Hydrating  yourself daily with this tea, along with a diet of anti-oxidant rich foods will help you maintain better looks no matter what age you are.