How to Brew Tea

How to Brew Tea

Each type of tea has different brewing requirements. All our teas come with brewing instructions. In general, black and herbal teas require a higher temperature and longer steeping time than green, oolong, and white teas. Below is a handy guide on brewing tea:

TypePer 6oz cupWater Temp.Steep Time
Green Tea 1 heaped tsp 180° F 2 min
Matcha Tea 1/2 tsp 180° F Whisk Till Blended
White Tea 1 heaped tsp 180° F 3-4 min
Oolong Tea 1 heaped tsp 200° F 2-3 min
Artisan Tea 1 pod per 14oz-24oz 200° F 5 min
Black Tea 1 heaped tsp 212° F 4-6 min
Herbal/Rooibos Teas 1 heaped tsp 212° F 5-7 min


Instructional video:

This quick video will show you how to brew loose leaf tea using a teapot and infuser. The idea is pretty much the same for infusers that fit over mugs too.

How to use a tea bag with loose leaf tea:

Many people ask us if we sell tea in tea bags. We choose to sell our tea in loose leaf form and not in tea bags because it's so easy to make you own tea bags. Plus, selling loose leaf tea results in a wider selection of tea and a better cost savings for the customer. Watch the following video to learn how to make loose leaf tea using paper tea filters:

Step By Step Instructions:

All our teas come with instructions on how to steep them. Different types of teas require different water temperatures and different brewing times. It is important to follow the directions on the package. Tea prepared improperly can taste bitter or weak.

Step 1: Add tea to infuser

Each tea will tell you how many teaspoons to add per 6 oz cup. For most teas, it’s one heaped teaspoon per 6 oz cup. So for an 18oz stump pot, you’d add three heaped teaspoons in the infuser.

Step 2: Add infuser to pot or mug

Step 3: Pour water into pot or mug

Each tea will have instructions on the appropriate water temperature to use. Black and herbal teas generally require boiling water, whereas other teas generally require water under the boiling temperature. Simply pour the water over the infuser inside the pot or mug.

Step 4: Steep for the appropriate time

Steep the tea for the time recommended on the package. Too long and the tea becomes stewed, or bitter. Too short, and the tea will be too weak.

Step 5: Remove infuser and serve

When you remove the infuser, you may save certain type of tea leaves for a second or even third steeping. Green, white and oolong teas are examples of teas that can be resteeped.

Take the guesswork out of brewing

Hybid water boiler

If you're tired of making tea too bitter or too weak, try our 3L hybrid water boiler or 4L hybrid water boiler. Our digitally enhanced water boilers have 4 keep-warm temperature settings for black, herbal, oolong, green, and white tea. An energy saving timer function (6-10) hours automatically delays water heating, and the cafe drip mode allows controlled dispensing.