Comfort [organic]

A relaxing elixir, naturally caffeine free. Sweet notes of ginger and cinnamon with the added boost of turmeric and bee pollen.
Steeping Time Steep: 7-10 Minutes
Amount: 1 Tsp. Per 6 oz.
Steeping Temperature Water Temp: 212° F
Caffeine FreeCaffeine Free
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During the warmer months it's always encouraging to see honey bee activity in the garden, loading up with pollen and nectar. While we are all familiar with honey, bees also produce other healthy compounds.
One particular super food contains massive amounts of nutrients, anti-oxidants, trace elements, vitamins and minerals and has been in production for hundreds of thousands of years...that super food is BEE POLLEN.
Here is the catch - with current technology it CANNOT be produced in a lab for any price. When bees are fed a synthesized form of pollen, they die. With no man made alternative, we have to rely on what nature provides. Maybe some day when we have cold fusion, there may be a chance of lab made pollen. Until then, we'll need to rely on honeybees who work 8 hours a day for a month to produce one tea spoon of bee pollen. 
What's so special about bee pollen anyway?
It has complete nutrition and has the richest source of vitamins found in ANY naturally occurring food.
And the benefits derived are astounding...
Improves endurance and vitality
Protects against cancer
Boosts immunity
Helps allergies
Improves fertility
Increases endurance and vitality
Stimulates metabolism and regulates weight
Aids in complexion
Don't take our word for it - you can find endless resources on the Internet going over these benefits in great detail from some of the most well respected scientific institutions.
What way could you take bee pollen? One form is via a pill. But pills are sometimes inferior depending on how they are processed, and aren't always absorbed properly.  
But why not a healthy, delicious tea that has even more?
A super food of this magnitude could only be deserving a a super drink, a tea that you can drink daily and absorb right into your blood stream.
But what if we combine bee pollen with another super food - Turmeric? Turmeric is another powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory which increases brain function and lowers your risk of heart disease. A dash of pepper ensures that the vital component in Turmeric, circumin is absorbed properly.
We also added ginger and cinnamon, not only because they offer additional benefits, but also enhance the taste of this remarkable tea.
Finally, we put this on a bed of Organic Rooibos and Honeybush. These teas originate from South Africa, and by themselves are a healthy, naturally caffeine free beverage with an amazing taste.
There perhaps is no more enjoyable way to get bee pollen and turmeric than with an all Organic Blend from the Whistling Kettle. With our expertise in nutrition, we are always searching the world for the finest teas and the best ingredients for better health. And the great thing, this tea doesn't bust the budget. 

Additional Info

Additional Info

Tin Weight (ounces) 6.7
Ingredients Honeybush, rooibos, turmeric, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, honey bee pollen
Steep Temperature 212° F
Steep Time 7-10 Minutes
Caffeine Level Caffeine Free
Amount Tea 1 Tsp. Per 6 oz.
Multiple Infusion? No
Tea Attributes Certified Organic, Arthritis/Inflammation, Cold/Flu, Stress, Weight Loss
Choose Color No


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Mild SpiceReview by Noreen
A very nice mild spice flavor, almost like a very mellow chai. I found that a small amount of sweetener, stevia for me, helps enhance the spices. (Posted on 3/15/2017)

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