Book a party, bridal shower near Albany, Troy or Saratoga


Our locations are great gatherings for small, medium or large groups. Please note that we cannot seperate checks, but can split payments equally amoung all members of the group. Due to health code regulations, food from outside vendors are not permitted.


Large groups (over 22) - birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, special events or just a large gathering. These larger parties are typically held at our Troy location, which has a room that can accomodate up to 50 people. 

To make things easy, we have created a large party guide that answers 99% of all questions. For best service, please do not call the stores directly.

LARGE PARTY GUIDE [read this first]


BANQUET CONTRACT[once we confirm your booking]

 Still have questions? Please use the CONTACT US  form. 


15 Minute Call Ahead Seating

Small groups just need to call 15 minutes ahead, and in most cases your table will be set up and waiting for you.

If your group is 5-12 people, we generally can seat your party at most times. You can let us know in advance so we can put your name in our book, which can help us plan our seating for that day and reduce the potential for any waits.  Simply call the location and let them know your party size, date and time. There may be some time restrictions on weekends, holiday or special event periods. YOU MUST CALL THE STORE AGAIN THE DAY OF YOUR ARRIVAL TO CONFIRM YOUR HEAD COUNT. While we can accomodate the vast majority of requests, there may be instances where there is a waiting list due to holidays or special events. If you plan to arrive in the middle of a peak period, we cannot control how long prior tables take to finish.


Medium size groups (typically under 20 people) should contact us by calling the store or clicking on via our contact us page.. We usually can accomodate most parties, however the times avaiable may be restricted, especially during weekends or holidays, or if there are other groups booked. We usually recommend arriving before noon or after 2pm on weekends or holidays.