Herbal Tea Guide


Banana Dulce

Herbal tea – also called a tisane - can be made from a variety of plants, berries or fruits. They can be used individually or combined with other herbs for a huge selection of tastes and medicinal applications. Herbal tea can be served as is or with additional sweeteners such as honey or sugar.

Herbal tea is not actually a true tea in technical terms. The Camellia sinensis plant is what black, green, oolong, and white teas are comprised of. An herbal tea is an infusion of non Camellia Sinensis plants. As a result, herbal infusions are often caffeine free and have a distinct flavor from a true tea.

An herbal tea is often preferred by those who are looking to avoid caffeine or tannins, or who are looking for specific health benefits found in different types of plants. Many herbal blends are sought after for their excellent flavor.

Our most popular herbal teas are blends, such as Banana Dulce, Casablanca Fruit, and Chamomile Lemongrass.

Some plants stand well on their own, such as Peppermint, Hibiscus, and Rooibos Organic.

Our rooibos blends are so popular that they deserve a product section all their own. Rooibos blends are full of antioxidants and minerals as well as the mild sweetness and nuttiness associated with all rooibos infusions. These blends typically serve as a substitute for those looking to replace full bodied teas in their daily consumption, or are looking to stem sweet cravings.

Our Ayurvedic blends are formulated as medicinal teas with roots in Indian medicinal practices over 5000 years old. These teas serve as flavorful and functional infusions with either calmingbalancing, or stimulating effects.

Our Functional blends are also formulated with specific health benefits in mind. Our Cleanse and Detox blend is tailored to remove toxins from the body. Other functional blends help boost the immune system and promote weightloss.

The History of Herbal Tea

The first recorded use of herbal tea dates back to the Ayurveda texts of ancient India. These texts are more than 5000 years old and document the use of herbs for curing disease and maintaining health. Herbal tea has been used in virtually every culture and in every period of history. Folklore passed from one generation to the next preserving the knowledge of the healing properties of herbs.