A common question asked is ‘how much tea should I buy?’ In general, we recommend buying no more than what you can go through in six months. Tea can last longer in many cases, but keeping your inventory within reason will go a long way to keeping everything fresh and going stale.

Proper storage is a requirement if you are planning to keep your tea for more than a few weeks. Even the freshest and best teas on the market will lose their potency if not stored correctly. When exposed to air, delicate tea leaves rapidly lose flavor. Tea should be stored in an airtight container away from light, moisture, strong odors or big temperature swings. If you buy in bulk, keep a larger container stored away and use a smaller one for everyday use. Some may think a glass jar is okay, since it is air tight. However, light will strip the leaves of their color and flavor over time. Because of humidity and the aforementioned temperature swings, it is not recommended to store tea in a fridge or freezer.